The U.S. Mint Wants You to Start Spending Your Coins

Wish I could help, but I won’t.
I keep my coins in my gym socks. I use them to beat people who annoy me.

KFI: Amid a nationwide shortage of coins caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. Mint is asking Americans to begin spending their coins or depositing them at their local bank.

“Simply put, there is an adequate amount of coins in the economy, but the slowed pace of circulation has meant that sufficient quantities of coins are sometimes not readily available where needed,” the Mint said in a statement. “You may be experiencing this in your local communities. We are asking for your help in improving this coin supply issue.” more

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  1. Anyone understand why the virus causes a coin shortage? I don’t, me thinks it’s a ploy to eliminate money to force only electronic transactions. I’m getting paranoid!

  2. Go blow it our your ears, lefties. Start minting more coins. Who decided they weren’t “essential” employees, anyway?

    Don’t count on me to save your butts. You want my coins? COME AND GET THEM!!!


  3. “…or depositing them at their local bank.”

    Good luck with that around here. Bank lobbys are appointment only (yeah, I’ll be doing that to bring in coins. NOT) and you das’t not put coins in the tube at the drive through.

  4. And while you’re at it, turn in all your gold!

    In 1933, Americans were stupid enough to actually obey EO 6102.

  5. If they want us to spend coins, then they should start making them out of the correct metals again instead of crap metal. Pennies are now copper washed zinc, most silver coinage is some kind of cupronickel garbage. Coins don’t even weigh the same as they used to.

  6. What do I hear for the contents of my loose change bucket? Taking bids – but just know that it’s a seller’s market.

  7. We’d use an English long ton fewer coins if the feds and states repealed the laws prohibiting the inclusion of sales tax in shelf and item price marking. It sure would be handy to go to the store, pick up an item marked $5.00 and pay $5.00 instead of $5.35 or whatever.

    Side note: Silver spot price right now is $28/oz. Don’t spend those pre-1964 silver coins! The silver content of one old dime is about $2. BTW, gold spot is waaay up there at $2,028/oz.

  8. Soon, U.S. currency and coinage will no longer be “legal tender” in The United Global Corporate States of America The World.

    Get socially tracked, get vaccinated, get digital, get approved – or get dead.

  9. My Grandmother who raised two young boys as a widow during the depression had 12K worth of coins in her basement when she finally had to go to the nursing home. The silver coins were a separate value. After she and my step-grandpa retired she also was able to put 45K in cash in there basement safe and they only made probably $800 a month on social security. Stashing coins is genetically transferred…

  10. Sorry, those pennies I have saved up are going
    onto a coffee table and epoxied in…true story, need to find the right table to make my penny table.

  11. Uncle Al and MJA are on the right track…retailers, adjust your prices so all purchases come out to an even (whole dollar) number. It will only take a few keystrokes in your computers…

  12. @MJA — Amen! While I have no more problem with a REgressive tax than I do with ANY tax, the PROgressives sure do! And there’s no more regressive tax than a sales tax.

  13. @RickyG — Sorry but that wouldn’t work. By law, sales tax is calculated on the total of all item prices in the sale. Adjusting individual item prices won’t help.

  14. That coin thing came up in conversation with some friends (I don’t have many). It seems virtually every one of them has big jars or cans of coins at home. They just toss all their pocket change into it when they get ready for bed. I keep all my coins (cept for the ones actually worth anything) in the console of the car. They get spent regularly….That’s right, I’m better than all of you …….. Sometimes they be a little sticky tho…

  15. Back on New Year’s Eve 1999-2000, we had a 6 liter bottle of champagne to celebrate with. Since then I’ve been putting nothing but dimes in it, hoping to fill it before I kick the bucket. That damn bottle takes a lot of dimes, I’m just over 1/2 full. The odds are against me, I think the bottle will win. I’m not bringing it to any bank.

  16. I lick the change I foundeded on the ground
    pennys are ok but nikeleses are more better …….. don fin many qhirarters and haf-dolenzes any more ….. Jill sez I shouldn’ta put em in my mouth – but you autta see what she puts inta her mouths!

  17. Has the government checked with the guys on the street sides with the “will work for food” signs?

  18. If the friggin’ banks were ALLOWED to open by our numbnut guvners, ALL the coins would come flooding BACK!

    You can’t shove ’em in an ATM, and the drive-up windows won’t take ’em! I’m sitting on $100+ in rolled coins myself. If Wolfie J. Lepetomane (the leading asshole of the state – PA) would open things up, the coins will all come BACK! 🙄

  19. Yeah well banks closed for months on end. What else is this about? At Walgreens I wanted to pay and was told no I had to use a card. I told the cashier I had exact change and wasn’t using a card. She then ‘there is government shortage of change.’ One more time very loud. I have a bag full of change why can’t I spend it. The twat waffle had to call the manager to see if she could accept money. Just to be a pain in the butt I go there twice a week with a bag full of quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies to spend. My coffee shop owning friend told me to bring in the rest to her place as she can use it. Once the change is gone I will switch to shopping at Drug Mart.

  20. If you want to cash in your coins and you have Indian casinos (or any casino) near you, take them there and cash them in instead of using a CoinStar or a bank. Coinstar charges you and then asks you if you’d like to donate your money to charity! WTF! Casinos won’t charge you for turning in your coins, they gladly take them. Banks want you to have them rolled up, screw that! Me, I’m too lazy to do any of that so I keep tossing them into a big jar. I also toss in $1 bills, if I acquire too many. I counted those the other day and added up to $120. My lazy day stash. Heh, I gotta collect something, may as well be money.


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