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The Ugly Party

Why are leftists largely homely?

Do you gravitate to the bitter angry party because you’re ugly? Or do you become ugly because you’ve become angry and bitter?

RICIN SENDER —  Pascale Ferrier 


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  1. Their outside reflects what is inside and clearly advanced derangement syndrome is taking its toll.

  2. It’s the “eyes” on everyone of
    these freaks. ANQUEEFA & BURN LOOT MURDER
    mug shots all have the “eyes”

  3. I thought I read that it was a woman!

  4. To the eyes of the average antifa dork she’s a pinup girl.

  5. If I was that ugly, I guess I’d be pissed, too!

  6. You sure that isn’t one of the pets submitted to Claudia?

  7. OMG I went to beat that woman with my ugly stick and the ugly stick ran away.
    That is one fugly broad!

  8. When your soul is ugly, the body follows…..

  9. Perfect concentration camp guard. In America.

  10. gin blossom
    SEPTEMBER 22, 2020 AT 2:39 PM
    “You sure that isn’t one of the pets submitted to Claudia?”

    …noooo, the pets are CUTE.

    THIS…is, uh, NOT.

  11. Looks like dyke taking testosterone (acne is clue).

  12. Do you understand why I’m always shitting on Quebec?

    In the 80’s the decent looking ones came to Ontario to strip but that stopped once the Iron Curtain Fell and those girls came over and ripped for less $$$ + extras.

    Women like that, politicians like Turdeau and Language Police fining people for having English signs on their stores decades before the Politically Correct Hate Speech police of 2010’s.

    Even I thought that was a Guy and I know what to look for.

    That Ain’t Homely.

    Half of them must have made it with pigs for a few generations.

    Even Sophie Turdeau has an upturned Snout. You can see right up her nostrils in quite a few of her photos.

  13. The crazy eyes complete the look. She’s missing the swastika tattoo between her eyebrows.

    She’s an underachiever.

    Besides, why would a foreign leader drive her to madness? I ain’t crazy about Trudeau. But that’s Canada’s problem and I don’t spend much time thinking about him.

  14. Associating with hateful people / entitled users is bad for your mental health. There is no way to earn their acceptance and friendship because they need to withhold in order to take advantage of you. Craving acceptance, you end up wading thru ever deeper shit to gain it.

    I can recognize the feeling in their eyes because I was once involved with many of them. I ran a small motel in a college town. BUT there WAS a ‘happy’ ending – I reduced headcount a bunch, down to 1 mature housekeeper.

  15. Has to sneak up on the water fountain to get a drink.

  16. I guess that old Kentucky advice of, “Just hold her by the ears ’til she gets used to it” doesn’t have much meaning here.

    Just can’t hang on to those tiny, little ears while wearing a blindfold and sensing no response.

  17. Soon, we shall have to SERIOUSLY DEAL with these people damaging and daily destroying Western Civilization, by rioting, looting and murdering, (as well as sending ricin to our President).

    This is serious. These people (and their promoters and facilitators) are mostly not well and, we will have to rid them from our culture and country in the quickest and most permanent manner as possible…with extreme prejudice.

  18. She’s like a Pinata’

    You’d have to wear a Blindfold before You Hit it..

  19. Many years ago, Rush attributed this ‘Shenom’ (my word) to the affects of feminismnazis on society. Very bitter because of the whole UGLY thing.

    When at a time because you were ugly, inside and OUT and could not get a job…well at least in the Federal Gubmint I suppose.

    But? Turns out Rush WAS right…

  20. Women who try to look like men have a really hard time pulling that “look” off. The only pretty “man” I ever saw was when Julie Andrews played “Victor/Victoria”.

    It’s very sad, really, to be so unhappy, angry, disappointed or whatever that it makes you an attempted assassin. I hope they put her away for a long time and she gets right with God.

  21. My question is, where does your average insane ugly psycho marxist go to buy a sack of ricin? Soros’ pharmacy?

  22. Thought it was Peter Strzok after a few months of quarantine. Crazy vibes for sure.

  23. Oh, c’mon, man!
    Tarantulas are attractive to other tarantulas!
    HUMANS think they’re ugly, but that’s species-centrism at its most vile.

    izlamo delenda est …

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