The Ultimate Irony of the ‘Native American Elder’ and the MAGA Hat Kids

American Thinker- This past weekend’s big news was a big media frame-up of kids and the beating of a leftist drum by a little Indian. There’s no need now to elaborate on how the Covington Catholic High School students may end up being 2019’s most unfairly maligned group; their innocence has already been established. But suffice it to say that with video-recording devices ubiquitous today — and with incidents such as last Friday’s Lincoln Memorial affair shot by multiple people from many angles — if there’s no footage of something that allegedly happened there, it didn’t happen, period.

What did happen was that Talking Bull (Nathan Phillips), a professional agitator and American Indian separatist, was given a forum in which to spew nonsensical ideas. Here’s a prime example: “I heard them [the students] saying ‘build the wall, build that wall,’” he said,” as Vibe reported. “This is indigenous land. We’re not supposed to have walls here. Before anyone came here there were no walls….”

(Actually, the Indians built plenty of walls, as old ruins attest.)

But something occurs to me here: If the Indians had effective border security, perhaps they wouldn’t have been overrun and conquered.

So, what’s the message? “We lost the continent…and we can show you how to lose it, too!”?

Talking Bull followed up his anti-wall blather by adding that American Indians “never even had prisons,” either.

Well, most of them also didn’t have the wheel, a written language or anything beyond stone tools. What’s the point?

Mine is this: We all could conceivably wax romantic about our primitive ancestors’ days. Yet it’s silly. I don’t want to live as my savage European forebears did in, let’s say, 500 B.C. any more than Talking Bull desires to live as American Indians did in 1500 A.D. Typical of activists, Talking Bull is all talk.

It’s reminiscent of an old Sanford and Son episode in which the Lamont character, claiming embrace of his African roots, dons a dashiki and assumes an African name (video below).

To the show’s credit, it later illustrated how he knew nothing about African traditions and was just childishly playing African.  MORE

h/t Forcibly Deranged.

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  1. I’m doubting Talking Bull got on his horse and went back to his teepee after the confrontation
    He seems to enjoy many of the white man’s trappings

  2. “I mean, I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.”

    When will this Ditz ever ask the Marxist, Muzlim Mallard where that point is?
    Whut about Hiller E. Coyote and her Bicycle seat-sniffing criminal business partner?
    And what about Bella Pelosi in her walled-in compound?
    Then there’s Hairy Reed in his exclusive, walled-in, gated community?
    An Al Gore with his multiple mansions?
    And every big city, wealthy, cigar-smoking democRAT who’s been rewarding cronies with public funds, establishing hostile business environments, heavily taxing the most productive citizens, setting up fat pensions for their union friends running a miserable, run-down, shot-up, burned-out, phucked-up, poverty-stricken, crime-ridden, rat-infested, urine-soaked, feces-friendly, certified “Shit-Hole” filled with worthless, federal tit-sucking parasites, supported by food stamps and endless hand-out programs just for votes!
    She’ll be following in their footsteps one day because it pays well, Really well!!
    And on it goes, but never addressed, by this bar-tender who graduated cum loudly…

  3. …The “Sanford and Son” thing hasn’t gone away, and may have actually gotten worse…most of the militant Black people like to pretend to things in “Swahili” culture, even using Swahili names, etc., and don’t seem to realize this screws up their “son of slaves” narrative, since Swahili is an EAST African language and slaves were procured in WEST Africa, where they don’t speak it…Slave traders didn’t do the “Roots” thing of chasing Black people into the brush too much, since they could easily find Black tribes and Arabs to do the chasing of OTHER black tribes FOR them, so zero risk…it is very unlikely they would have sailed around Africa to the other side, then, to get even LESS cooperative slaves at MUCH higher risk…

    …and by worse, I mean that there are many now that seem to think Wakandia is a REAL place, and identify as Wakandians, and ACTUALLY BELIEVE that Africa would be like the Black Panther movies but for White people, which completely ignores how adept Black people in Africa have proven at killing EACH OTHER when there are no White people around to kill…just look at the Rwandan Genocide for only one example, no White people anywhere in sight for THAT one, and they still killed each other just fine…

    …so it is with whatever “Indians” are, they fought among themselves for centuries before Whitey arrived, and still do (just ask a Eastern Band Cherokee what they think of the Western Band, and vice versa)…and, as for Mexicans, they are decedents of slave-trading, Indian-raping, imperialist thieve European Spaniards…the Conquistadors weren’t as civilized as the White founding fathers, they fucked the Indians before they killed them, that’s why Northern Mexicans are considerably lighter than Southern ones…

    …the whole thing at the end of the day is just stupid…liberals used to mock South Africa under apartheid because it was constantly classifying and reclassifying everyone by race…now, it seems that liberals were just jealous and wanted to do so themselves, they sure appropriated THAT culture from Whitey just fine…I guess the 14th Amendment is just one of those laws we don’t enforce any more, just ask any White Male about that…good luck to Iron Eyes Phillips here, he’ll be cast aside when they get something juicier and go back to just being a crazy guy in the park with a drum when they no longer find him useful…

  4. TRF — LOL!! No matter, no matter. Whichever thread it was supposed to be on, it’s a perfectly good, all-purpose (utility) rant and I’m right there with you!

  5. Supernightshade — Well said! I especially like/agree with your final thought — “…good luck to Iron Eyes Phillips here, he’ll be cast aside when they get something juicier and go back to just being a crazy guy in the park with a drum when they no longer find him useful…”

    For the Left it’s never about the actual person — the human being behind the symbol — it’s always and only about what use the symbol can be to them.

  6. The Covington kids are just another group in a long line of victims of racial attacks joining the Duke lacrosse team and many others. This is how the radicals keep racism alive and well.


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