The Undercard Fight

The main stage debate last night got bogged down in tax plans and whether or not 11 million illegals can and should be deported. The debate that preceded it had, perhaps, the topic of the night.


 Governor Bobby Jindal (LA-R) went after Governor Chris Christie (NJ-R) for being another big government Republican and not a government cutting Conservative like himself.


5 Comments on The Undercard Fight

  1. “Cutting” state government to get on the federal government test, while giving the federal government MORR power, is NOT a conservative value.

    Our RINO gov here wants Common core, medicaid expansion, tax hikes, and the final straw was when he wanted a refugee program. Do I live in F’in California? No, Wyoming!

  2. Well, our governor is a tried and true socialist, right down to his unchanged diapers – who’s still trying to figure out what the Hell happened in Ferguson. And Claire McCaskill is his ventriloquist dummy. Or he’s her dummy.

    Can’t really tell, since they both sound retarded.

  3. I loved it when Bobby Jindal said to Gov Krispy Kreme, “I’ll award you a participation ribbon and a juice box….”

    My State of Louisiana is famous for spawning some colorful politicians from both sides of the aisle. I met disgraced ex-Governor Edwin Edwards once. Even though he’s Democrat scum of the lowest order, he was a laugh a minute.

    Edwards is the one who summed up succinctly what level of scandal it would take to drive a Democrat politician from office. “It would require him to be caught in bed either with a live boy or a dead girl…”

    In other words, Democrat scum politicians can get away with anything because of their Leftist sycophants in the Mainsteam Media. Despicable.

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