The Untold Story of the Awan Bros/House Democrats IT Scandal

Judicial Watch Senior Investigator Bill Marshall interviews Luke Rosiak of “The Daily Caller” to discuss his investigation of the Awan Brothers/House Democrat I.T. scandal and his new book, “Obstruction of Justice: How the Deep State Risked National Security to Protect the Democrats.”

9 Comments on The Untold Story of the Awan Bros/House Democrats IT Scandal

  1. It is so deep now,we will never get
    the bottom of it.NOTHING will happen to
    any of these traitors.Mainstream media & Demoratz
    are the enemies of America plain and simple.

  2. Ugh Inigo, I’ve always understood your hell bent determination about the Daddy thingy deal, never thought you’d be hanging onto a Christie’s Auction piece like that!
    Good luck and profit my friend!

    I do believe that the Bought & Paid for Knee-Pad Media in this country are truly the real enemy. They encourage, lie, concoct, fabricate, aid, abet and protect their tools in the democRAT party. The D-RAT Buffoons are very good at skullduggery and thuggery, but if you need really nice, polished, glitzy propaganda that sells, that’s where the B&PKPM really stands out! They sure know how to make slick, shiny objects to appeal to the masses, while shielding the political thugs under an umbrella of deceit, deflection and projection…and they make it look sooo nice!
    Aaaaaand there lies their real power.

  4. Media and Democrats, yes, they’re traitorous criminals.
    But acknowledge that the Republicans can never drop their pants and bend over fast enough. They ALL suck rectum.

    If they choose to never prosecute ‘their own’, they all should lose their heads, if ever the SHTF.

  5. Yes Republicans can be pretty low too, but nobody beats a democRAT when it comes to criminality cuz they’re an organized mafia in lock-step with each other and the Media.


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