The Upside To Nuclear War

In an opinion piece in the Washington Examiner yesterday, Phil Klein explains how a nuclear exchange between Pakistan and India would be a great way to off set the ravages of man made global warming. All that carbon thrown high up into the atmosphere would block out the sun’s rays and lower global temperatures years afterwards. More

Not to mention, all those people on the subcontinent no longer able to add to our climate change problem after being turned into carbon by the atom bombs launched on their cities.

17 Comments on The Upside To Nuclear War

  1. I have to say, as an intellectual, as opposed to Phil Klein and his article, I would think it anything nuclear between India and Pakistan would be horrific for the whole world.
    But what the hay, go nuke each other.

  2. Every non-Muz country that has Muslims on its border is fighting against the government sanctioned jihadi terrorist incursions.
    Indians with nukes is worrisome.
    Paki’s with nukes is Armageddon
    getting ready to go.

  3. There better be a North American EMP! I am NOT Johnny Appleseeding across America, fixing all your Wi-Fi’s, when Mumbai is gone.

  4. Like I said before,if any nuke is
    detonated on any city in the world,
    life as we know it is FRICKIN’ OVER !

  5. Fill Clyne is obviously a stupid
    who believes the laughable
    of climate change, agw and ghe

    Has or will he ever have anything
    to say ?

  6. Hambone- I don’t know about the price, but the flavor will be more intense.. Never cared for it anyhow. They seem to put it in all thier food.

  7. If 2 nukes get detonated, 10 years from now every talking head on the MSM will be spewing fear that the world is gonna end in 2 more years…


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