The video banned by YouTube

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Soph is the potty-mouthed hypersmart 14 year-old comedian who makes cultural points through sarcasm and parody.

She is anti-left, so that means she should be disappeared.

She’s not for everyone, especially people who cringe over precocious children. I usually do, but she doesn’t bother me. If she gets kids on board with her, I’m all for it, even when some of her comments widen my eyes and drop my jaw. (This video is mild compared to some others I’ve seen.)



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  1. There are not many people as anti muslim as I am. With that being said, I would not allow my 14 year old daughter to post that video. A 14 year old child does not need to be a martyr for the cause of American Exceptionalism. I’d be proud as hell of her for what she believes, but there is no need for her to risk her future at her age. That’s negligence if you ask me. Definitely worse than the parents of the AOC child.

  2. ghost, let the other bastards sacrifice their children. Ours need to remain precious and cherished! The adults in our community need to be prepared to step up and protect what is important to us!

  3. @joe6pak – I AM a JOE six pack type and have two boys, troops, that are in early teen years. This is not about sacrifice my friend, it is a reality.

    We ALL need to man the cannons. We are in a fight for our childrens future.

  4. Joe6, I’m with Ghost on this one.
    I love the dialog in spite of and because of the vessel of delivery.
    She stands out and thus her message will get delivered.
    If she had the charisma of a Kirsten Gillibrand or Amy Clobuchar she would suck eggs.

    Ann Coulter is DEAD…LONG LIVE SOPH!

  5. If it can’t be said here because of potential harm from Muslims then it can’t be said. Bullshit, they are the ones who better understand that they don’t set the rules here and even a threat of harm should bring a shitstorm they’ll regret. It’s past time to make them understand that they’re in our country and they had better not dare to sandpaper this lions ass.

  6. They are making a fundamental error in judgement by believing the garbage the media pumps out. They view americans as weak and easily intimidated. They’ve managed, so far, to avoid running crossways of the right americans. Sooner or later that’s going to happen.

  7. I dont know. I cant help but think she is no different than the brain washed kids who marched into Sen Di Fi’s office earlier this year claiming the world was dying and demanding action. A 14 year old girl should not weigh the problems of the world on her shoulder. She’s a kid. There is enough time as an adult to tackle these issues.

  8. Think of the shit-hole Godless world these kids (If Jesus doesn’t come quickly) will be inheriting from the people who chose to do nothing in response to the lefties and the religion of peace.

  9. @ stop2think,

    Negative ghostrider.

    The reason we have come to this scenario in this country is exactly because of this type of reasoning;

    ” A 14 year old girl should not weigh the problems of the world on her shoulder. She’s a kid.”

    How old do you think the founder’s of this country were, yet they pledged to give their lives, their wealth, and their sacred honor in order to achieve something greater than themselves?

    The Founding Fathers were adults at a very early age; unlike the snowflake attitudes that we’ve bred-into our current youth over the last 100 years. Becoming an adult nowadays doesn’t start until the mid-30’s or so, and I’m being generous.

    Life got too easy, and we got too fucking entitled for our own damn good.

    100 years ago a “tragedy” or a “catastrophe” was something like the Oklahoma dust bowl. Today a tragedy is when your damn iPhone shits itself and you become disconnected or unfriended for a whole week.

    Perspective is important. It is here where the commie left has conservatives beaten; they understand the importance of youth and how to brainwash for the future.

    We have to fight fire with fire, but in reverse.

  10. My jaw is still on the floor. Hooray for her! I was an amoeba at her age. But then I’m a late developer. I bet she was home schooled.

  11. YouTube bans anything that might make people think about something they don’t want people to think about.

  12. Listening to her is not like listening to a 14-year-old. It’s like listening to a 30-year old streetwise Jordan Peterson on steroids. Her understanding of human behavior and politics is uncanny. Can you imagine how she can effortlessly tear a new one on any of her hypocritical teachers (let alone her classmates) if they give her grief? She is like a super intelligent alien visitor showing us what needs to be done to save civilization. We have much to learn from her.

  13. I’m with joe6pak on this one. We don’t live 200-300 years ago; today is much different. With all the weirdos that would harm a 14 year old, not to mention what they do with babies, a parent must protect their child. In today’s world, children just don’t grow up the same as they did in the past.

    I’m not saying that her message shouldn’t be heard – it should and must be heard. Just put some protections in place to shield her identity. I’m not saying what, but something. She, her parents and we may think she is tough, but … I can’t finish that sentence because I can’t even imagine the evil that might befall her.

    I have one question – if we think it’s ok for a 14 year old girl to put herself out there for the good of our message, then why do we (as adults) hide behind screen names?

  14. Is this kid for real? Her verbal IQ is in uncharted territory. The wisdom that’s pouring out of her mouth is incredible …. for a fully developed 40 year old mind

  15. This girl goes to public school, she has a great rant against some soccer moms too. She is like this b e c a u s e of school. She is getting a different education than the rest because they try to ostracize her. Some kids give in and do what the crow wants. Others do what she is doing.

  16. Great metaphor — “Stacy stare.” For a momnet I thought she was referring to Stasi, the East German thought police. But now I understand it to mean “Stacy” the embodiment of the high school mean girl clique, who use all manner of non verbal and catchphrase intimidation to keep you in your place

    And this is exactly what our “grown up” elites have become. I’ve seen it with my own eyes; in my own family. Understand that their argumentation has degenerated to a shocking degree — to the level of pre-adolescents

  17. >if we think it’s ok for a 14 year old girl to put herself out there for the good of our message, then why do we (as adults) hide behind screen names?_

    Because they can’t take her livelihood away. She doesn’t have one.

  18. She was home schooled (due to a medical condition, although it’s questionable if she’s ever attend public school) AND her father voted for Hillary. Now that’s an enigma wrapped in a question mark.

  19. Yeah, I don’t know that I can get on board with the idea that she should be ‘totally sheltered’ from her activity. I do worry for her…she should certainly be protected from harm, and assuredly deserves our prayers. After all, the proglasite horde is all in mental…but her gen is monumentally invested in what is happening against their future. They need their own spokesman, and she is breathtakingly adroit in that role.

    This very, very bright girl will not want for a job, when those doors begin to open. Throughout our history, children have certainly fought in our conflicts…there is ample record from the Colonial period and Revolutionary/Civil wars. Even the two World Wars saw a number of underage warriors. Even through to today 17year olds are enlisting (with parental consent) in the armed services. We are in a battle against the darkness and it is very much their fight too.

    I must admit that I may have worried a little too much over my children, as they were growing up, perhaps overprotected them a bit. None of them would ever, then nor now, speak out with such verve and conviction. Not so much so, my grandchildren however…the grasp, insight, and just pure common sense they, and most of their cohort, exhibit leaves me increasingly hopeful, and even excited, for the future of this Republic, blessed by God.


  20. Fur, “Because they can’t take her livelihood away. She doesn’t have one.”

    I know. I don’t have a problem with keeping our identity from the left. There are more reasons than just our livelihood; physical safety being another. That was my point with using that statement; the child’s physical safety. That’s all.

  21. Questionable actions are declaring shit without backing up with facts. That girl repeatedly talks about being in school. Assholes pretending to be conservative is why I stopped coming here. Miss Hat and Burr, but forget this.

  22. Yeah Quaint, you’re probably right. Anyone who disagrees with you is probably an asshole. You’d fair better in a forum full of assholes who agree with everything you say.


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