The Vietnam Veteran’s Tribute Thompson

Honoring all those who served in Vietnam.

Our men and women came from all over the country, from all walks of life, to fight for freedom on the other side of the world. They served with honor, dignity, and courage. 

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  1. “Rolland the headless Thompson gunner…” First thing that jumped intomy mind when I saw the article. Warren Zevon to the maximum!

  2. But really, if I wasn’t retired I’d want one – yes. Every fightin’ unit had one or two – they rarely got jammed and mud didn’t ruin quickly as long as you took half care of them.

  3. I have two fully automatic in the box never fired. Machine guns are fun for 5 min.
    I would rather have a three burst option.
    Yes, you need an FFL to own full auto guns.

  4. I once got two paychecks in the mail from the company I worked for. I went to the office up front and told them as I knew they’d get it back some day if I spent it. They asked if my supervisor hadn’t spoken to be about it. I said no. It seemed that for over a year, I had not been getting paid for a cost of living raise I was supposed to get and accounting caught it and figured what I was owed and that accounted for the extra check. I went and bought a new “Tommy Gun”.

  5. So much misinformation. This gun is semi-auto. No new machineguns since 1986. And no, you don’t have to have a FFL for a Class 3 weapon. You must live in a state that allows them,contact a Class 3 dealer, pay for the weapon, fill out a ATF Form 4, get fingerprinted, pay $200 for a Tax Stamp, and wait 8-12 months to receive weapon.

  6. I’ll defer to others but, I never saw a Thompson. Saw a lot of CAR15, M2, M14, M16, M16A1, M40, M60, M72, M79, M203, 1911, .38, 12 ga. shotguns, F1, AK, SKS, M1A1, M-1, M-2 and a bunch of old US weapons we used in Korea we gave to the Cambodians. There were a bunch more anti-aircraft, RPG and chicom/Russian weapons and mortars.
    I carried a 1911 and M16….until I bought a 30 cal. M2 from an ARVN that had the barrel and butt shortened.
    Never saw a Thompson…. If I had wanted one I would order one from Thompson to shoot for a lot less than $3000. AND — I Don’t need an overpriced purdy wall hanger with gold accents. Heck, at $100 a month payments, I’d be dead before I paid it off.

  7. Purdy enough, but 3 grand will buy me either
    a nice Benelli Super 90 M3, or a AR-10B. Last year’s
    “daddy’s” money was spent on a Glock 43, perfect for
    tropical weather carry down here.

  8. Those “engraved” special edition weapons the NRA pimps in their magazine have all the style and class of rimz on a Bugatti Veyron.

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