The Virus That Shames China – Communism

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  1. Wow Pat has no fear. Good for him. Now if only we had a speaker in congress that would show the same courage.

  2. “Face-saving” is typically an Asian way of covering up incompetence, and they shame YOU for not allowing them to escape the corner they painted themselves into.

    That’s why China tried to blame America for their own virus, and angry Trump won’t let them.

  3. Some good news: There has been a 30% shift in the positive direction of the stock market from just a week ago.

    Reminder: Do NOT purchase anything made in China anymore. That includes iPhones. DO NOT FEED THE COMMUNISTS OR THEIR SYMPATHIZERS.


  4. corona19 may lead to war.

    Watch how the Chinese react when we pull most manufacturing out of there. China will react like the Dangerous Red Beast, lashing out with its million man army.


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