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The Wages of Electoral Sins


With the census just a few years away, followed closely by a presidential race, Democrats are scrambling now to prevent district remapping, or gerrymandering, based on partisanship. The case challenging the redistricting in Wisconsin, Gill v. Whitford, will go before the supreme court in early October.

Democrats in Wisconsin object to the use of computer modeling that redraws voting districts in order to concentrate democrat voters into fewer districts, thus assuring majorities in the state house for Republicans for the foreseeable future. Now that Democrats have marginalized themselves at the local level, the plaintiffs want the supreme court to put a stop gerrymandering altogether.


The loss of all those state houses is having a devastating impact on the Democrat party’s relevance outside of their liberal enclaves and probably drives the divisive politics they increasingly have to rely on to hold the few seats left to them.

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  1. The Supreme Court ruled the voting power of minorities can’t be diluted, requiring crazy shaped majority minority voting districts. Guess who asked for that?

  2. Last election cost 7 of 15 local senators their seats here because we are pissed off. The next one is probably gonna be a blood bath.

    Elections have consequences. Oh yes.

  3. gerrymandering is the reason that Houston has the likes of sheila jackson lee, etc. her drug infested district is 99% black. virtually a no go zone for whites after dark.

  4. The future outlook for Democrats is so bad that they are willing to give up one of their favorite tools, gerrymandering, in order to at least get a shot at taking back a state house or two.

    But will SCOTOUS see partisan districting as being the same as racial districting? Until Trump can replace a few more knot heads, anything is possible.

    Of course the Democrats could just change their message and agenda to better align with the rest of the country, Nayyy, they’ve gone to far down the divisive path to turn back now.

  5. SCOTUS ruled voting power of minorities can’t be diluted? That’s great news for calif where whites and conservatives are in the minority now. Let’s get those districts redrawn to give us our voting rights back!

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