The War of the Woke

Gender swaps and feminist virtue signaling aren’t what viewers want, but Hollywood doesn’t seem to care.

…Financial disaster won’t discourage these people. They’ll continue to blast traditional values even as they sink. Reports coming out of the new James Bond film, No Time to Die, co-written by feminist screenwriter Phoebe Waller-Bridge, will have Ian Fleming turning in his grave. In one scene, Bond wakes up next to his new bride, Madeleine (from the previous film Spectre). “Good morning, Mrs. Bond,” he says. “Don’t you mean Ms. Swann?” she replies. I’m sure 007 fans will line up to see the new henpecked, emasculated Bond in inaction.

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  1. I really liked Waller-Bridge’s Fleabag, which won her an Emmy and an 8-figure contract with Amazon Prime. Definitely not everyone’s cup of tea but each of the two seasons ended with a powerful moment of grace.
    If the Bond movie continues the wokeness of Captain Marvel, Ghostbusters, Charlie’s Angels et al you can count me out.

  2. Let ’em have Hollywood it’s a sinking ship anyway. Their box office has been declining because on Prime/Netflix/Hulu and streaming for years. When you have thousands of movies and shows at your fingertips why bother with a theater?

  3. …so, does this mean we’ll be moving from snickeringly vaginy names (Pussy Galore, Octopussy, etc.) to emasculating dick ones (Peter Limpet, Dick Droopy)?

    …it would seem to fit the zeitgeist they’re going for…

  4. “The Spy Who Intersected Me”?
    “For My Thighs Only”?
    “In Xir Mammary’s Pansexual Service”?

  5. The only one that gets an automatic “GO” from me is Mr Clint Eastwood.
    Everyone else I have to think about for a long time, and it’s usually a “NO”.

  6. …oooh, do “RambA” next, she’s a cultural warrior veteran denied an Impossible Burger in a hick town, and she wreaks ear-splitting vengeance as only a feminist can…

  7. I love the scene where a woke ‘M’ makes 007 stand up before all the secret dicks and no dicks and confess his sins of lusting after pretty women! Then the special devices guy makes James bend over and sticks a Buttigieg into his rectum and tells him to either get used to it or he will be reduced in rank to .oo1 and will have to forfeit his pension, free health care and bangers!

  8. …so, in keeping with the Englishness of Bond movies, will they modern up to TODAY’s England and have him say “Alluah Akbar”, or maybe just “I KEEL YOU!” as his NEW catch phrase?


  9. The new version of From Russia With Love would have hellary as Rosa Klebb the evil Russian agent with the poisoned spiked shoes and Donald Trump as 007 trying to out wit her and the rest of the Russian bad guys who are out to get him at any cost.

  10. “Bond wakes up next to his new bride, Mandeleine, and wonders how she put on a hundred pounds (from the previous film Spectre).”

  11. James Bond only had one wife, the incredibly hot Diana Rigg in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service until Ernst Stavros Blofeld killed her. Other than From Russia With Love that was my second favorite James Bond movie.


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