The War on Women

10 Comments on The War on Women

  1. I watched it twice. The message is not clear. The narrator talks too fast. What is it supposed to be telling me?

  2. The War on Women is Bull Shit, A smoke screen. The War always has been and always will be on white males. Especially ones that can be considered Men. if yah get my meaning.

  3. Actually I think the real war is on taxpayers, from the working poor straight through to Bill Gates, because we are being asked to support a permanent underclass with their “entitlements.”

  4. Democrats have won that “war” when they draw republicans into the battle.

    We can’t completely ignore that straw man diversionary tactic, but it’s a mistake to give it any legitimacy at all.

    Do not respond to their false accusations, but rather engage in a counter-offensive – put them on the defensive about their war on (insert your special interest group here).

    Democrat policies hurt them all, with the exception of the homosexual/sexual freaks group.

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