The Washington Post Goes After Project Veritas After Foiled Sting Operation

This last week a person approached The Washington Post claiming to have a damning story about Senate candidate Roy Moore (R-AL).
Suspecting it was a set up, the paper sent someone to follow the individual until the person ended up at the offices of Project Veritas.


Today, The Post is running a story that Project Veritas has received funding from the Koch Brothers.


Something tells me The Washington Post should have quit while they were ahead.

8 Comments on The Washington Post Goes After Project Veritas After Foiled Sting Operation

  1. O’Keefe was in too much of a hurry to catch the Post out. He just needs to take his time and talk to the people working there who don’t have a bi-line.

    It’s run by leftist, leftist believe they can get away with anything so long as they serve the cause, there will be sexual predators there as there have been at every other institution swarming with liberals.

  2. I still don’t understand how papers can outright lie and make up stories. Don’t we have any laws agains’t fraud in this country?

  3. They made the undercover Veritas operative because she didn’t use the code phrase, “Our friend Mitch.”

  4. Elementary spycraft. The reason the WaPo knew instantly that it was a setup is because they had to do so much hard work just to find any pawns and create narratives against Moore. O’Keefe’s mistake was assuming that there was even a smidgen of truth in the WaPo’s smear. WaPo knew perfectly well that nobody had ever been attacked or mokestrd by Moore. Ever.

    For the same reason, I would advise O’Keefe to avoid trying to sting anybody involved in the Trump/Russia collusion narrative, which is also known by all parties to be completely fake. Even the most convincing and irresistible story he concocts for his undercover operative would immediately arouse suspicions.

  5. 3RD WIN,
    I pronounce it MOKES-TURD.
    Sounds like a good insult word.
    I am going to tell my friends and everybody
    that I made it up…


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