The Washington Post Refers To Mob Demanding Tucker Carlson Leave Town as “Protestors”

Uhhhhhhhhhh, people in the dead of night, at your home, demanding you leave town, are not “protestors.”

Those are terrorists.

22 Comments on The Washington Post Refers To Mob Demanding Tucker Carlson Leave Town as “Protestors”

  1. A Republic Dies In The Darkness Of Intellectual Dishonesty.

    Use the left’s compartmentalization and designate them for what they are.
    The President deserves more credit for shoving that loaded verbal barb back at the overweight, PeanutButterSandwich, DNC, operative as a racist question.

  2. ‘Smash Racism DC’ made this assault. The founder of the group that harassed Senator Ted Cruz and his wife in a restaurant last night is Antifa professor Mike Isaacson, who previously tweeted about teaching “future dead cops” and assassinating Mike Pence.

    A small price to have their twitter account suspended. Slap on the wrist.
    They are about to get their own taste of “protest”, if they keep this up.

  3. It will only get worse. Leftists have protest marches planned for today in 900 cities at 5 PM local time. Protesting replacement of Sessions and the perceived “constitutional crisis” it creates. Be aware of your surroundings today.

  4. In the left’s view this last election is proof that they have Trump on the run. The press conference yesterday proves that the media have the knives out and are threatening like never before. They see blood. IMO this is going to get much worse for us starting right now. With the election of professed socialists and Palestinian flag waving muslims I’m truly worried about the direction we are headed. Keep an eye on the House the dems are going to try to tear Trump apart. They will accomplish nothing but to continue to destroy us.

  5. FOX Headline: “Antifa protestors chant outside Tucker Carlson’s home.”
    How about: “Angry mob terrorize Tucker Carlson’s family.”
    Phuck FOX too.

  6. I would like to see what they call a mob that attacked the Washington Post? These people have no intellectual integrity.

  7. They Cracked his front door. His wife was home alone and scared shitless. She hid in a pantry a called 911. Can you even own a gun in DC? I’d freaken move.

  8. Pounding on a front door hard enough to crack it is a threat to do bodily harm or death. An AR will shoot through a front door quite nicely.

  9. The perfect time to employ the good old trench broom. The fire department can come and spray down the pools of pig blood and everything will be just like new.

  10. A law enforcement guy who was at Carlson’s house last night called into the Chris Plante show today and said that in addition to causing Carlson’s solid wood front door to crack Antifa spray painted the anarchist logo on his driveway.

  11. I don’t think Tony or Uncle Al have any Neighbors. LOL

    Sub Sonic Black Out. That way you won’t kill your neighbors cat.

  12. I’m no lawyer but I think the recent (2008) Heller decision by SCOTUS states that citizns of DC may possess firearms for purposes of self defense. Even if they’re not pervy uncle joey biden.

    Tucker should avail himself of at least one of the many excellent tactical shotguns now on the market and train himself and his family in the effective use thereof. They’re not all that expensive, they’re simple to maintain and easy to use. I’d recommend #2 shot or #4 buck to “feed” them…


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