The White House doesn’t trust China’s coronavirus numbers

— here’s why.

CNBC: The coronavirus that emerged from China’s Hubei province over a month ago and has spread to two dozen countries is already fueling mistrust from the U.S. government on whether China can provide accurate information about the epidemic. 

The White House said this week it does “not have high confidence in the information coming out of China” regarding the count of coronavirus cases, a senior administration official told CNBC. Meanwhile, China has reportedly been reluctant to accept help from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and has reportedly suppressed information about the outbreak from scientists that it deems alarming.

U.S. officials’ mistrust of China goes as far back as the 1950s, when national authorities set unrealistic production quotas that led local officials to inflate data. Mishaps with the 2003 outbreak of SARS, which sickened 8,098 people and killed about 800 over nine months, and discrepancies in reporting of economic data over the past two decades has only hardened the U.S. government’s belief that China cannot be trusted, experts say. White House advisor Peter Navarro has even called China a “disease incubator.”

Since emerging from the city of Wuhan, the new virus has spread from about 300 people as of mid-January to more than 64,000 as of Friday — with the number of new cases growing by the thousands every day. World health officials say China’s response to the virus is an improvement from past outbreaks. China has been more transparent, World Health Organization officials told reporters this week. Chinese health authorities quickly isolated the virus’ genetic sequence and shared it on a public database in a matter of weeks, they said, giving scientists a chance to identify it. read more

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  1. I wouldn’t trust the Chinese regarding anything. They’re better liars than the MSM, politicians, CIA and FBI put together and that’s saying something.

  2. If the official numbers are at all close to true (which I doubt) it wouldn’t warrant the actions being taken by China.

    I’m beginning to suspect it is being used to hide a new Red Guard style purge of it’s citizens to get them back under complete control with no one left starting to stand up against the totalitarian nature of the communist State and calling for change.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but Communist countries do have a history of doing that sort of thing.

  3. Anon Maybe I’m wrong, but Communist countries do have a history of doing that sort of thing.

    And with stinkin’ google helping they can more efficiently target and murder their citizens.

  4. They are also screwing up business here. Have suppliers that get components from China. It affects us. I say stop doing business with them completely! There’s other companies and countries that can be better business partners.

  5. well we now know the white house doesn’t trust them, fine.

    but what about cocaine mitch and his pla ship building wife, does he trust china?

    does hunter biden and his old man have anything to add, being they are an experts on china?

    what’s pelosi and her boy have to say about china?

    does john kerry’s son and pierre delecto have any in put seeing they are also china experts?

  6. China has a serious societal issue with a 5 to 1 male to female ratio. China is also facing increasing internal pressure from a growing dissident movement.

    What better way to thin the herd than a genetically engineered bio weapon targeted at Asian males to literally kill two birds with one stone?

    They erase their gender imbalance and diminish the dissident threat. They can also use quarantine to isolate and dispose of entire families of dissidents, murder them, and burn the evidence without fear of international condemnation.

    if you think commies won’t commit genocide to stay in power you have never read a history book.

    The third bonus is they eliminate the pain in the balls Hermit Kingdom as well. A win-win-win for Communist China.

  7. Different Tim February 16, 2020 at 11:03 am

    “Enjoy opening all your Amazon products wrapped in Chinese cardboard everyone!”

    Very good advice.

    Also, consider washing hands after handling ANY paper money. Cover recent hand cuts with duct tape or Band Aids, as a precaution.

  8. Just listen to the ChiCom’s foreign minister when it comes to outsiders. Wang says we’re all bigots. Sounds like a U.S. leftist.

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