The White House Should Never Hold A Press Briefing Again

DC: At peak hubris, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had not held a press conference in 278 days. There was a plea of ignorance from the media at the time — “we didn’t realize it had been so long!” but that was about the extent of the criticism aimed at the 2016 loser.

It has been around 30 days since a Sarah Sanders-led, White House press conference, but the entire nation’s media are already up in arms about it.

Is it because they learned the lessons of not having held Clinton to account during the campaign? Fat chance. No establishment journalist regrets the kid-gloves with which they treated Mrs. C. Most of them wish they had tried harder to help her.

Is it because the White House is quite different from the campaign and it is therefore more serious when Team Trump ignores the caterwauling of the press? Can’t be, since they were all convinced Hillary was about to take residence in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and they didn’t apply said rules to her.

So I suppose it must just be that good old fashioned bias again, right?

Certainly that is a foundational part of the mental process when, say, a New York Times editor commissions an article, written by two journalists, along with a couple of bar charts thrown in so you can visualize the betrayal of the American people by the Trump administration as well!

(Word of caution for the grey lady: if it takes two journalists to write 303 words, you’re getting gypped). MORE

6 Comments on The White House Should Never Hold A Press Briefing Again

  1. Press confrences during the winter should be held outside, with Sarah using a remote mike from the inside.

  2. Please don’t end them. My only real enjoyment these days, since giving up golf, is watching Sarah Carter kick media ass. Urrrraagghh!


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