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The Whitmer Plan

Patriot Retort: Say, remember when this was “two weeks to stop the spread?”  Apparently the Whitmer Plan is “Why do today what you can put off for later?”

Yesterday, Governor “Karen” Whitmer announced that Michigan’s lockdown has been extended until June 12.  She claims the extension is necessary to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed due to a mythical “second wave” that might happen if you are permitted to earn a living.

Here’s my theory behind the Whitmer Plan.

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  1. There’s allegations all over the internet of Whitmer spreading infected elderly to every nursing home she could. Sound far fetched until you see the story about the 20 year old black guy that was infected, assigned to work at a nursing home, and decided it would be really cool to beat the shit out of old white guys AND FILM IT. Well naturally you need to put that shit on your FB page.

  2. As an argument the article was thin gruel
    But I agree, in part. But I see more parts
    Part is she’s telegraphing to Biden that she’s a fighter (Pick Me!) that will set those damn Trump supporters straight
    (side note: If Biden win’s and croaks she’d be the President [gag] can you Imagine the lockdown under her?)
    Part is also her being a college educated liberal that is a dumb as a rock
    Part of it is she thinks she has powers she does not
    Last part: she is a vindictive bitch and wants to punish folk for having the damned gall to think for them selves and want be treated like adults

  3. I read somewhere that someone refered to her as “The Beast of Belsen”.
    She does bear a physical resemblance to Irma Grese.
    She is exactly like Irma in temperament and cruelty.

  4. @grool May 23, 2020 at 3:46 pm

    > Know who else wanted to be rid of certain populations?

    Every human who’s not a parasite.

  5. I’ll tell you what, the founding fathers would have taken care of this thing Michigan calls a Govenor weeks ago.

  6. She’s acting under the inaccurate fundamental premise that none of it is her fault since she was unwillingly thrust into an impossible position solely because of Trump Inaction® and not a single governor anywhere anyhow could possibly do any better. That’s how she keeps up the charade.

  7. At this point, anyone voting democrat is either stupid, brainwashed, or evil. Too bad that’s a fairly accurate description of half the people in the US now.

  8. Can we collect a pool of money, and pay someone to punch her face? I’d even pay AGAIN, to see it on PPV. It’d hafta be someone BIG, who could potentially knock her dead with ONE punch… but the cost would be SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO worth it! 😁

    That’s MY plan. 😎

  9. Her forehead is why some directors still prefer 70mm and why drive-ins are making a comeback.

  10. Don’t panic, Gretch. China is putting the final touches on the SeCoNd WaVe production right now, and the media will deliver it to you well in advance of June 12th. They’re going to make your choke look like genius.

  11. “They elected her, they deserve what they get.”

    From one Anonymous to another, not necessarily.

  12. Biden, if you pick Whitmar, you’ll lose kamala harris and at least four years of harris on her knees under your desk.

  13. She’s more like Nero. An evil lunatic drunk with power. She would rather see Michigan burn to the ground than give up control. Wonder who financed her campaign? They are the progressive elites in charge of “Operation Sabotage America”.


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