The Whole World is Watching – And the Majority Sees Dirtbags Making Little Sense

Gateway pundit-

On Friday — Police supporters held a rally at the police headquarters in downtown St. Louis.

The large crowd made lunch for the police officers and thanked them for protecting their communities.

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  1. Entitlement class right there… wonder who they intend to call when their life or property is threatened? Wait, it appears their property is what they are wearing and their lives don’t amount to much other than screaming “more” and stirring the pot…

  2. QUESTION: To black people in Anytown USA who are participating in this nonsense, what are you accomplishing with this buffoonery?


  3. One thing that should become clear in the near future is that holding your hands up and uttering nonsense does not absolve you of the assault your body is doing.

    You come at me like that and I have no safe retreat, I’m taking you down.

  4. In the 60’s there was a reason to riot, vietnam, real racism and segregation to name a few. Now, this bunch of uneducated free range children is reaching a level of ignorance not even dreamed by civilized men.

  5. Around 3:56—>

    “What’s that officer’s name, I need his name right now!” — video douche

    *****swoooooosh******! — uniformed officer

    That’s his name you fucking insect that needs his face rearranged, its Officer Capsicum. Drink deeply of the Holy Hot Bukkake shit-for-brains.

    LOL! That made my day.

  6. Instead of pushing these douchebags out, let them in. Then LOCK THE DOOR BEHIND THEM. Make sure they ALL go to county jail for awhile, not just catch-and-release. When they get the crap beat out of them at the jail they may actually stop.

  7. Sorry folks but there is no nice way to handle this type of situation.
    The LEO’s should not be trying to close the doors to keep the scum out They should open the doors wide and attack with brute force, leveling everything that moves. Crack sculls, break legs, kick ass. Let them bleed on the ground until there is total calm and the commies have retreated. Call for ambulances for police only. Let them handle their own ambulances. This is pure, nothing less. Communist Party Chairman Bob Avakian, and his lackeys, Carl Dix and Cornel West have a hand in this They are not giving up. Unamerican you say? Maybe. But the protestors hate America. One or two such treatments would put a quick end to this bullshit.

    Killology, Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs. Check it out.

  8. Moe Tom,

    Whole-heartedly agree.

    The only thing that works pronto on bullies is a completely thorough ass kicking. So thorough that no matter what the brain says afterwards, the body refuses to put itself in danger again.

    A clearing out of Communists is needed.

    We need to bring back the old sayings and put them on posters:


    Being PC about this will get you killed and lose your country.

    At least – drive them back underground and into hiding and fearing for their lives.

  9. Moe Tom is right, the cops have to show strength, all the strength necessary to get the dangerous idiots under control. Otherwise, this kind of shit will never end.

    They have procedures in every town I have lived in:

    1. ask them to leave, if they don’t, mace them and go to step #2

    2. escort them to a cell

    3. book them for interfering with police duties, disobeying a police officer, and trespassing, plus any other offenses.

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