The Winds of Woke

WFB: Before Thursday morning I had not heard of Thomas Bosco, and I am willing to bet you haven’t heard of him either. He runs a café in Upper Manhattan. From the picture in the New York Times, the Indian Road Café is one of those Bobo-friendly brick-lined coffee shops with chalkboard menus affixed to the wall behind the counter and a small stage for down-on-their-luck musicians to warble a few bars of “Fast Car” as you sip on a no-foam latte while editing a diversity training manual. It looks pleasant enough. “Local writers, artists, musicians, and political activists are regulars,” writes metro columnist Azi Paybarah. “And for years, two drag queens have hosted a monthly charity bingo tournament there.” Drag queens! You can’t get more progressive than that. Bosco seems like a noble small businessman making his way in a turbulent world.

There’s a problem, though. He once expressed an opinion. Though Black Lives Matter signs are posted throughout the restaurant, and its owner identifies as “a liberal guy who supports almost every liberal cause I can think of,” in early June Bosco told MSNBC that he voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and expects to do so again. Omigod no. “The backlash was swift, as you might expect,” writes Paybarah. Neighbors denounced Bosco on Facebook. Some vowed not to patronize the café. Randi Weingarten, who as president of the American Federation of Teachers draws close to half a million dollars in salary and benefits, wrote online that it would be “hard to ever go back.” No more tips for the barista from her. As for the drag queens, they are taking their glitter elsewhere.

Bosco is distraught. “My staff feels like I let them down to a certain extent,” he told the Times. He has supported Bernie Sanders, donated to immigrant groups, contributed to the food pantry, provided child care for an employee, and plans to change the name of the café to Inwood Farm to avoid any possible offense toward the Indigenous. None of this is enough to quell the fury of the Very Online. MORE

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  1. I hope Mr. Bosco has learned the hard truth of Liberalism. Liberals have no loyalty to anything or anyone that is not liberal. The freedom to choose only counts when killing babies, not voting.

  2. Why am I not surprised.

    Oh Dear God, You are our only refuge. Please spare our country. Amen.

    Please, if there only1M righteous people in our country, please spare us…if there are only 1000….if there are only 100…

  3. The Revolution will produce its own free coffee from the beans fields of the Central Park Autonomous Zone.

  4. Why not shut down the entire internet until the week prior to the November elections? No more FaceyTwat, etc. Seriously, either you are voting for Trump or you’re not. No more directives from power-hungry governors…it would take days to get the word out and at that point would be moot. These pussy crybabies who loot, burn and murder would be completely stopped in their tracks. IF they could organize – which would have to be via landlines – they would be dead and gone in no time because we are waiting…

    In the meantime, find out where Soro’s money was deposited and seize the funds. Then, distribute it as funds to all legal US citizens to compensate for the bullshit virus shutdown. Maybe if they’d just put me in charge for a week…. 🤣

  5. Surely — after spending so much time around these people — he can’t have been surprised at their behavior. He had to have known what he was in for when he said he voted for Trump. The only questions I have are — believing what he does and knowing who he chooses to associate with — WHY did he vote for Trump, and WHY would he tell them, knowing what their reaction would likely be?

  6. Sorry there, Mr. Bosco. I feel an almost overwhelming sense of DGAS. You really should have known. Maybe you can start selling wind up alarm clocks in your new career.

  7. Quisling appeaser running dog capitalist? Fed the crocodiles for too long and they are still hungry, but now for him.
    They are exhausting their hate targets. The political cannibals are now chewing on one another until nothing will be left of them but stinking piles of their own commie kulture gristle and bones.
    The ones who thought they were immune were always the first the Red Ruard and the NKVD/KGB killed off.

  8. We buy our own damn coffee at Publix, usually what is on sale ( buy one get one free) and scoop it into reusable kcup filters in the Kuerig. Not paying $5 a cup. Drink it black – cause black coffee matters.

  9. hey CAT WHISPER; Yea just like the furry
    critter in some jungle that eats coffee beans
    and poops them out,cept the jungle is Central Park
    and the furry critters are the deranged drug addict
    homeless bums… UUUMMMM TASTE GOOOOD!

  10. “The Indian Road Cafe”

    I’m surprised that they haven’t burned the place down yet.

  11. As the old saying goes, suck one little dick and you’ll be a cocksucker for the rest of your life.

  12. I have a red hat that says: NBHB

    Only a couple of people have figured it out, and they just smiled. Run silent, run deeper than the state.

  13. The same dumbed-down self-absorbed, celebrity-obsessed, burnt coffee-drinking, Politically Correct Lemmings who think of “The Indian Road Cafe” as chic and ginchy would no doubt sign a petition for Cleveland to change the name of their baseball team!
    More hypocrisy of the Left!

  14. The Winds of Woke smells a lot like the Winds from a Broccoli and Bean Eating Fraternity after a kegger.


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