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The world needs a moist towelette museum

I’m planning my next vacation around this museum.

Then I’m going to go see the Museum of Silica Packs and go see the man with the longest big toe toenail.


Michigan’s John French has more than 1,000 wet wipes — but his collection is not complete.

It started as a joke: a small collection of moist towelettes jammed into a box in an office drawer, at a Pittsburgh planetarium in the 1990s.

John French says he and a friend were amazed at the strange collections he found online in the early days of the internet. But he couldn’t find any moist towelette collections or websites — so he started one.

“I said I’m going to be the first one to have moist towelettes on the internet,” French, founder of the Moist Towelette Museum, told As It Happens host Carol Off.

He never imagined his collection would grow to more than 1,000 and travel from Pennsylvania to Texas and then Michigan with him, gathering momentum.


It “started” as a joke?

How about it ended as a joke, too.

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  1. As a practical joke I used to buy some stinky towelettes. They were good for a laugh if you catch someone that believes you’re being a nice guy.

  2. …could be good to know where those are, one day…

    There has been a delay. The passengers are kept in temporary suspended animation for their comfort and convenience. Coffee and biscuits are served every ten years, after which passengers are returned to suspended animation for their comfort and convenience. Departure will take place when flight stores are complete. We apologise for the delay.

    Delay? Have you seen the world outside this ship? It’s a wasteland. A desert. Civilisation’s been and gone. It’s over. There are no lemon-soaked paper napkins on the way from anywhere.

    The statistical likelihood is that other civilisations will arise. There will one day be lemon-soaked paper napkins. ‘Till then, there will be a short delay. Please return to your seats.”
    ’The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’, by Douglas Adams

  3. Not me
    JANUARY 12, 2022 AT 1:50 PM
    “If the supply chain crisis doesn’t get better he might have to use a few of those.”

    …if he used them all and replaced them inside the wrappers with Kleenex, would anyone ever know the difference?

  4. I’ve had: Sugar packet collection (unique/unusual and typically with the restaurant name on them)

    Wine cork collection (of bottles drunk at restaurants and special occasions.

    Toilet paper (small sections) from places around the world. Strange how different TP is from country to country.

    Drink stir sticks — with the name of the restaurant/bar.

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