“The Yankees made their point”


In a recent interview with a Russian mercenary who was subjected to the retaliatory strike by US forces in Syria, the survivor claimed well over 200 fellow mercenaries were killed and that “They beat our a*** like we were little pieces of sh**.” More





16 Comments on “The Yankees made their point”

  1. I love owning stocks of companies that make things that go whoosh BOOM on bad guys. Raytheon has done very well since November 2016. Lockheed Martin same. Huntington Ingalls (navy ship builders) is up too.

    Killing bad guys is also profitable.

  2. @PHenry – I guess you could say “Business is booming.” Pow!! I’ll be here all week people and be sure to tip your favorite website.

  3. Facing the onslaught of American armaments is frightening and deadly.
    I doubt any further frontal assaults will be undertaken to probe their defenses. The prober became the probee.

  4. Dr. Tar.

    Yep Raytheon makes lots of missiles. Use once and replace. Not sure which are still in use.
    Griffin, sparrow, tomahawk, aamram, javelin, stinger, patriot, RIM, sidewinder, Phoenix, TOW.
    Stock is up 114% since I bought it. So yeah. Booming.

  5. I’m glad our folks were successful in defending themselves. But it doesn’t change the fact we have no business in Syria at all. We do not have a dog in this fight and there isn’t anything there worth a single drop of American blood.

  6. Muslim controlled Turkey may be in NATO but they are not allies. The Kurds have been allies for years fighting against islamic terrorism.


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