The Year Reheated

David Thompson: In which we marvel at the mental contortions of our self-imagined betters.

The year began on a highbrow note as the University of Denver’s Professor Ryan Evely Gildersleeve informed the world that laziness is a “a political stance,” a way to “combat the neoliberal condition,” and a “tool for contributing to social justice.” Half-arsed incompetence is, we were assured, both radical and empowering. The professor also shared his belief that plastic is sentient. Inanimate objects also troubled Dr Jane Bone, a senior lecturer at Monash University, Melbourne, who specialises in “feminist post-structural perspectives” and the political implications of problematic furniture. Dr Bone’s research involves quite a lot of “embodied knowing,” i.e., visiting IKEA and sitting on chairs. Her work, she revealed, is “not necessarily logical.” Further feminist insights came via Phoebe Patey-Ferguson, whose feminist fight club is “a mode of resistance,” because the spectacle of unhappy ladies body-slamming each other and breaking each other’s ribs is an obvious way to “destroy the Conservative government” and “bring down the patriarchy.”

In February, we turned our attention to the world of aesthetics, where performance artist Sandrine Schaefer presented her buttocks to the world then waited for applause. We also learned that space exploration is all about “abuse” and “male entitlement,” thanks to Women’s Studies educator Marcie Bianco. Ms Bianco, who claims that sending spacecraft to Mars is akin to grabbing ladies’ genitals, teaches “social justice courses” at Rutgers University and John Jay College.  READ MORE

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  1. Iris W. Toadwarmer had this study published in a prestigious academic journal.

    The Social Effects of Global Warming On The NFL Kneeing Protest Movement

  2. Another serious article in an academic journal, by author Dr. Anthony Weakloin – Butterfly Farts in the Amazon Region: How They Contribute To The High Dropout Rate Of Young African Americans in Chicago High Schools.

  3. Here’s an article that applies to tonight’s activities and suggests it’s okay to drink up:

    A new study suggests that people over age 65 who are newly diagnosed with heart failure can continue to drink moderate amounts of alcohol without worsening their condition.”

    Very ggooooood to know.

    That’s for tho ose offff uuuus who can stilll uhhhh type.

    Hap ah Happpy New Yeahhh Year!

  4. Denver in particular and Colorado in general has been hijacked by rich leftist homosexuals. A pair of them will be moving into the governor’s mansion in a week or so. Shameful as it is, I will remain here. There is nowhere but up from here.

  5. Since when is plastic sentient and starting to think by itself? Morons all, good grief just how stupid and idiotic do you have to be to think these kind of dumb ass thoughts. This is the stuff of really bad scifi and we thought that Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes was bad, now it’s plastic that wants to seek revenge on us. I give up trying to underestimate just how stupid as well as sinister these people on the left are, they hate everything that man has ever created. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE AT IOTWR and watch out for anything made of plastic especially plastic bags or cellophane because it just might stealthily sneak up on you and suffocate you while you’re sleeping.


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