The Yellow Vests make European elites very very nervous

What They’re Not Telling You About the Yellow Vests

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  1. Let us be honest, this is directly because of Trump! He has made America a beacon for other countries to aspire to return to. Fortunately, for us we have the torch that lights the way. In Frances own way they are trying to get their torch going collectively by congregating, we were lucky to have our votes count. Viva La Trump!!!!

  2. PC – …Fortunately, for us we have the torch that lights the way. Unfortunately, the US will devolve into the very same rioting. It may be needed for change, but it will be a long time before sanity is restored. The risk is, of course that it may never be restored.

  3. Morton..Perhaps we will devolve into that, deservedly so if liberals get enough power to continue us down a path of self destruction. But for now I will enjoy Trump’s bucking of the globalist as a one man show. Oh and i enjoy watching the yellow vests shake things up too. So no matter what happens we tried we tried.

  4. Tell you one thing. Someone is gonna make a fortune running guns into the EU to give the commoners the muscle they need to drive the raghead vermin and their shitbag EU enablers out. Good business opportunity for the ballsy.

  5. @lowell, i didnt know about that movie so i looked it up. Its on amazon so i just watched Brazil. Interesting. I didnt get all the cross/Christian symbolism.

    The yellow vest movement. The right people are beginning to get upset for the right reason.

  6. The “Yellow Vest” movement is more accurately a “Reactionary Radical Socialist” movement.
    Apparently the Frogs have only lately discovered that they’re pawns in the Globaloney Totalitarian scheme.
    Socialism is a slave philosophy – it cannot function otherwise – and the Frogs and other European proletarians are so fucking stupid that it has taken 3 generations for them to figure it out – and they wonder why their “masters” hold them in contempt?
    The concepts of “Freedom and Liberty” is foreign to Europe – for Europe is mired in a swamp of cradle-to-grave helplessness and resignation. Their “freedom” is the “freedom” to take the labor of those who work and give it to those who don’t – their “liberty” is the “liberty” to drink out their lives in “quiet desperation” at the gov’t teat.
    Europe is in a state of “managed decline” and the vesters are fucking it up. The proletarian revolts led to Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, and Mao – never to any good – always to widespread bloodshed and tyranny.
    They need to clarify their purpose: That gov’t is oppressive is obvious – what to do about it is less so.

    But, perhaps they’ll get their footing and set course for something decent.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. An awakening like this in America would be disastrous for our ruling Elite. Imagine the great Middle realizing it’s been a 40 year scam? Hence the sudden urgency to disarm the population.

  8. And we have guns, they don’t…and as long as we do, there is definitely shit the elites don’t want to be stepping in.


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