Theater critics trash Michael Moore’s one man show


What can you say about shlubby millionaire Michael Moore that hasn’t been said before? After listing his northern Michigan home (which he once told me he didn’t recognize in a photo) for a cool $5 million, he’s been forced to divide his time among his other 8 homes – including an equally lavish multi-unit Manhattan condo. He is, without question, an exceptionally hypocritical member of the one-percent he claims to despise.

Nevertheless, he likes to maintain his fraudulent “dumpy everyman” act.  It seems he thinks you’re stupid enough to keep buying into the idea that he’s just a normal guy with a camera. So, he puts on his battered ball cap and castigates capitalists in movies, talking-head news interviews and, most recently, a one-man Broadway show called “The Terms of My Surrender.”

It premiered last night, and “Show” may be the wrong word. “Show” implies entertainment. If the reviews are to be believed, there’s precious little of that to be found in Moore’s latest endeavor. In fact, it sounds like even the notoriously left-leaning theater world has grown weary of Moore’s one-note gimmick.

From the New York Times:

“you don’t have to disagree with Mr. Moore’s politics to find that his shtick has become disagreeable with age. “The Terms of My Surrender,” which opened on Thursday at the Belasco, is a bit like being stuck at Thanksgiving dinner with a garrulous, self-regarding, time-sucking uncle. Gotta love him — but maybe let’s turn on the television.


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  1. The left leaning stooges finally realize what a fat and stupid bore this jerk is. Normal people pick up on this instantly, but the left is a little slow witted.

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