Pelosi: “The…la…uh…the, uh–what is it?”

Pelosi Suffers 10-Second Mental Lapse On-Camera During Press Conference

“Well, I preface it by saying, as you probably saw, there are military on the steps of Linc–of Lincoln Memorial. The…la…uh…the, uh–what is it?”

25 Comments on Pelosi: “The…la…uh…the, uh–what is it?”

  1. Her brain is literally calcifying right before our eyes.

    The Democrat party is the party of deteriorating leaders. All they have to follow after them are lovers of violence and anarchy. If the country chooses them, it’s time for the abyss.

  2. This happens when democrats go off script while trying to blame the president for what ever destruction the left is doing.

  3. Someone should set up “An evening with Nancy and Joe”.
    And take the show in the road. Think of the endless comedic sound bites.

  4. Old Nukin Futz misfires again…
    Nancy Nukin Futz that is… not to be confused with Joe Nukin Futz!
    Their pancakes slid off the IHOP & Change plate a looong time ago!

  5. Watching Joe and Nancy crumble before my eyes gives me great pleasure. I want to live long enough to see Hillary and Barry burst into flames….

  6. in lane one….slo joe biden….and in lane two of our featured dementia race…nancy pelosi…..betting windows are still open…get your bets down now

  7. I see images of military on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial all over social media.

    Is that supposed to look bad? Looks beautiful to me. Looks like my kids. Looks like America. Looks a helluvalot better than pictures of scumbags looting, pissing, vandalizing.

  8. They just don’t know when to retire and enjoy the stolen fruits of their criminal careers, do they? They must die in office rather than give up the drug that comes with the office. Bela Pelosi is a prime example.

  9. Thirdtwin wins the Internet comment of the day!

    “Whoa, Nellie. I half expected her to come out of that freeze holding a $20 pint of gelato.” LOL!

    Love the Lockheed P-38 Lightning avatar by the way, very cool!

  10. Evil tongues will be throw into confusion….

    Paraphrasing Psalm 10:7, Her mouth is filled with cursing and deceit and oppression, under her tongue are mischief and iniquity.

    It is obvious to any discerning eye that these serpents of satan are disintegrating and God Almighty is manifesting causing them great confusion, panic, and hatred of the righteous.

    The lack of a steady supply of children’s blood and adrenal glands is causing them to rot in front of us. Listen to the weeping, wailing, and gnashing of dentures in the mouths of senile serpents Publosi, Mad Maxine, Pedo Joe, Diane Chinastein .

    The panic is palpable now and with the economy turning north and the cabal operations turning south it’s going to ratchet up to thermonuclear soon.

  11. She’s in an advanced state of decay, both physically and mentally.
    This is the one occasion where it’s justifiable to blame Trump.


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