Them’s Wearhouse

Earl of Taint: Sorry, I’ve been trying to work up some terrific new posts I’m sure you’ll all enjoy but I got off in the weeds internet-wise and encountered what passes for modern men’s non-binary beings fashion (haute couture des cinglés non binaires; locos no binarios) and it depresses me profoundly and also very deeply and thoroughly.

The following are the actual ensembles presented in the past few years (they’ve no doubt only gotten more woke by now) by a major worldwide prestigious and expensive as hell design house. (The ad is from a local retailer trying to break into the SJW-LGBTQ market.)

What a world.

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  1. The majority of the characters in the add are wearing the wrong shoes for the outfits. How is one to take this seriously?🤔

  2. This is beyond simple teenage rebellion. This is beyond cutting yourself. You may sneer but this is demonic manifestation. When morality is removed from the earth, when decorum is scorned, when riots are commonplace, when Christianity is banned from the public square this will become commonplace and the streets will not be safe for normals. There will be no safety outside of Christ. There will be no Peace in your heart outside of Christ.

  3. Imagine if there wuz cultural appropriation, 57 different genders and transexuals back when the Temptations wrote this! Talk about a ball of confusion!!
    Well, at least some things never change… like democRATs selling their Hope & Change snake oil® for over half a century… and the band played on.

  4. Looks like an NPC Touchscreen subMenu.
    That’s what They buy with bitcoin.
    And about all it’s good for.

  5. When reading the title of your post MJA I thought it was a new slang term, such as, “them’s warehouse! how you be wearing that?”or “how you be dating that?” After following the link it seems I was correct.

  6. Sometimes, because of my age, I think that if there is an upcoming civil war I will miss out on enjoying my participation. If you know what I mean.

  7. Were I in the fashion industry, I’d be pushing back in a fierce way.
    Of course the woke crowd are too dense to realize a scavengers hunt in their great grandparents attic, a dumpster dive and dressing in the dark will complete their ensembles.

  8. Uh, like I’m here to apply for the engineering job, or like something in accounting, or like management, or whatever.

  9. Are those the guys in the fag
    clothes that think they are going to
    win a fight with the guys on westernrifleshooters ???

  10. @ Charlie Walksonwater: Your assessment is closer than many would give credit. The war is not of flesh and blood…

  11. This is some stupid shit. (I am sorry, ladies) Hand each one of them a sledge hammer and pick axe to dig a ditch around Hobbs, NM.


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