There Are Cracks In The Democrats’ House

The Lid: Newly Elected House Democrats Getting Shutdown Jitters.

The mainstream media is that Senate Republicans are starting to drift apart and some of the most liberal members such as Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski are signaling if given the opportunity they will vote to end the shutdown even without funding for a barrier.  What they aren’t reporting is that there are also cracks developing in the House Democratic caucus. House Democrats elected in the recent midterms who had promising to fix Washington are beginning to fear the heat from their constituents about the shutdown

Rep. Jahana Hayes, a new Democratic representative from Connecticut, called on her colleagues in Congress to work on a compromise to end the partial shutdown, which has left hundreds of thousands of federal employees working without pay.

“The government shutdown is a sobering reality of where we are right now. We have to get to work. We cannot keep operating in hard lines,” Hayes said on “Face the Nation” Sunday during a panel with three of her new House Democratic colleagues. “We cannot keep saying nobody’s willing to move. We have to move. That’s why we were elected. That’s what we were sent here to do.”

Hayes is not alone. According to Politico, “Freshman House Democrats are ready to shut down the shutdown.”  MORE HERE

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  1. I can’t tell, from the media on either side, *what* is going on.

    Mostly, my twitching elbow tells me that 94.3 per cent of the population doesn’t give a damn. …..Lady in Red

  2. Whenever the republicans take a stand on common sense policy they fully expect Murkowski and Collins to descent, it’s a given never to count on them. No big deal

  3. They are still getting paid. The checks are late, that’s all.
    It’s not like the gov’t ever does a mass layoff (like private business has to do sometimes).

  4. Maybe it’s just me, but the public doesn’t seem as concerned about the shutdown as it has in the past. We have actually had quite a few shutdowns in the past, and while some things may work more slowly they eventually work.

  5. Trump is successfully producing the realization, at the chagrin of big government, that Americans DON’T NEED all the government that’s been foisted upon us.

    He’s showing America (and also the rest of the world) who our slave masters are, and have been.

    The ruling class is caught between a rock and a hard place. If Trump is allowed to continue, they fail. If they kill Trump America goes fully ballistic and the revolution begins in earnest….kinetically. Result: they fail even more quickly.

    Your move, oligarchs.

  6. Wyatt: no, no, no. Americans are super, ultra, very concerned. And unnamed Republicans are squeamish and borderline mutinous that the 99% Democrat voting federal employees can’t buy their daily kombucha.

    This shutdown threatens The Full Faith and Credit ™ of our entire financial system!!!1@1!

    In related news, the sky has been hijacked by Orange Man Bad who threatens crashing it full speed into terra firma. A little chicken told me so. Just like the gypsy woman predicted.

  7. So apparently, as a result of the shutdown, the TTB is closed. As a result, no new labels are being approved and all applications for a brewers license are on hold.

    What are we going to do about not getting new beers to market in an already oversaturated market?


  8. As long as the Federal Government continues to tax me, I do not accept the premise that the government is shut down.

  9. Probably 20% of those still working, and 50% of those not working, are not necessary. Lay them off, use savings to pay down the debt. NOTE TO UNCLE SAM: You cannot spend your way out of insolvency.

  10. Demoncrat and RINO (a.k.a., zombie Demoncrat) hypocrite politicians all have walls around their estates. The same amount of money that has been spent for walls in Jordan and along our highways should be spent on the Great Wall of Mexico. Built it high and wide from the Gulf of Mexico all the way to the Pacific Ocean.


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