There is hope in our youth

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  1. All the younger people I run into think they’re victim’s of some unseen oppression that they are being subjected to. When asked for an explanation all I get is a garbled unintelligible word salad. I think this guy is an anomaly from my experience.

  2. I think it depends on where you are when evaluating our youth. High schools and colleges clamp down on the freedoms of speech and assembly, as well as individual thought, because there are a lot of students and faculty who lean conservative and disagree with the party line. Like dictatorial regimes everywhere and throughout history, the leftist elite need to control the media and public opinion in order to create the illusion that their policies are rational and not designed solely for their own power and profit.

    I have found that generally, there are three types of student. There are students who intend on making government a career, so they support speech codes, behavior codes and whatever else will increase government power and influence. Then there are students – I believe this is a minority – who think of nothing else but getting a free ride at the expense of others. Finally, there are students who want to be successful in the world on their own terms, and these folks eventually realize that leftist policies are bullshit.

    Two out of these three categories think Trump is dangerous not for what Trump has done or not done, but because Trump is his own man and refuses to be silenced. Leftists really have no policies other than to gain power – they will flip flop on any issue to gain more power – and someone like Trump is a dangerous influence. Young people like this interviewee is someone who has realized that leftists are dangerous beasts, and who chooses to think for himself.

  3. My 2 teenager nephews carry a little laminated copy of the us constitution in their backpacks. This was done without any advice or orders from mom dad uncle buck or anyone else. They dont say much about it but they are listening and learning.

  4. Dominant in American education is Howard Zinn’s influence. HIs ideas are promoted at every level, so the result is a generation of America-hating “victims” and SJW’s. I highly recommend Mary Grabar’s book “Debunking Howard Zinn- Exposing the Fake History That Turned a Generation against America.” Glad that not all of today’s youth are America haters, but unfortunately, it appears the majority do out of ignorance and the inability to think critically. And their self-absorption is breathtaking.

  5. When I was scoring student essays from around the nation, I noticed that students who came from private/religious/home schools had a better grasp of history, current events and proper writing skills. That was encouraging.


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