There is no mandatory shortage of bureauweenies

PJM/ John Stossel: Governments create problems. Then they complain about them.

“A public health crisis exists,” says Kentucky’s government, citing a report that found “a shortage of ambulance providers.”

Local TV stations report on “people waiting hours for medical transportation.”

“Six-year-old Kyler Truesdell fell off his motorcycle,” reported Channel 12 news. “The local hospital told (his mother) he should be transported to Cincinnati Children’s to check for internal injuries.” But there was no ambulance available. Kyler had to wait two hours.

Yet Kyler’s cousin, Hannah Howe, runs an ambulance service in Ohio, just a few minutes away. “We would’ve (taken him) for free,” she says in my new video. “But it would’ve been illegal.”

It would be illegal because of something called certificate of need (CON) laws.

Kentucky and three other states require businesses to get a CON certificate before they are allowed to run an ambulance service. Certificates go only to businesses that bureaucrats deem “necessary.” read more

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  1. …well, Democrats do enjoy the feudal system with us as their serfs, this is basically the medieval idea of the guild monopoly as selected by the King, and KY just got a Democrat Governor, so get used to it, KY, it ain’t gonna get better NOW…

  2. …I wonder if there weren’t other issues in play, though. Most EMT licensing is on a state-by-state basis, and being licensed in OH doesn’t necessary mean you’re licensed in KY, which would also mean you could take a patient from OH to a KY hospital, but NOT pick UP patients in KY. KY does have a reciprocity test-out available, but it’s NOT automatic.

    …not saying CON laws are good, just saying they’re not the ONLY laws in play here…

  3. Why would you wait 2 hours for an ambulance? We live in the sticks in an emergency I’m not waiting on an ambulance. I can be at the hospital before an ambulance can drive here, much less when they get lost. So that is really strange to me.

    However, I do agree government only causes problems. The best thing that could ever happen to this country is for governments at all levels cease to exist.

  4. …kind of weird, in that scumbag lawyers usually enjoy chasing ambulances TO the hospital, not away FROM it…

  5. You know you can drive him there yourself and get there faster going half the speed limit. Unless it’s the only way because of the injury, and yes sometimes you just don’t know how bad it is?
    Ambulance companies under pay their employees but the companies make buchu bucks. If it’s up to me I’m driving.

  6. Not only will it save you money if you have EMT/Paramedics like we have, they actually only have one paramedic, they weigh so much they might suffocate you if the driver takes a sharp turn.
    One of them my kids went to school with and it’s a joke the guy was actually able to pass a test.

  7. SNS is on to something. My wife is an RT. She has standing licenses in many states, and some states reciprocate licenses from other states with no questions asked other than, “What is your license number from *&^ State?” And some states don’t give a damn where, or how many other state’s licenses she holds, and puts her through a wringer.

    It seems to me there could be a nation-wide RT license. But I’m asking for trouble for any Federal oversight.

    But really, Federally define CRT, and RT, and produce a US license. We already have DOT Classifications of licenses for trucking and intermodal transport.

    An EMT, Ambulance Crew, RT, et c. is the same thing from Maine to California.

  8. CON keeps Ohio from having any competition in the nursing home industry and month;y rates can be sky high. The North Ohio Area Wide Coordinating Agency has bee around forever and their permission is required. Who is NOACA? Just another swamp of over paid cronies.

  9. Please excuse me. I made, in error, the differentiation between the CRT and RT. The differentiation is CRT versus RRT.

    Please excuse me. I meant no disrespect. I made an error of ignorance.

    Jennifer is an RRT. And she damn well earned it.


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