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There is No Third Option

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  1. From Wikipedia.
    “Clark is married to Rodney S. Dowell, Chief Bar Counsel for the Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers, the state entity that regulates the legal profession in Massachusetts.[58] They live in Revere and have three children, one of whom identifies as non-binary.[3][59]”

    It’s the last two.

  2. It is a variation on Munchausens By Proxy. Trust me on this, upper middle class, shitbag, box wine and Starbucks prog moms all compete in the “my child is more fucked up than yours” derby. They invest everything in inculcating psych issues in their offspring just so they can keep up with the worthless see you next Tuesdays they run with.

  3. “Either she’s lying and needs mental help OR she’s telling the truth and her child needs mental help. There is no third option.”

    …there is also no mental help available. Shrinks just celebrate and stoke mental illness now instead of trying to treat it, but they will take the opportunity to poison the child with pyschoactive brain chemestry altering compounds that will destroy the childs mind and make them dependent forever or they’ll commit suicide, as long as they can make a buck at it…

  4. Sure.. uh huh. I remember my child waking up having nightmares about idiot liberal women in positions of power, while being unfit to raise a child.

  5. A sex-starved feminist/narcissist who has abused and trained her children to become neurotic worry freaks, now complains that her children are neurotic worry freaks.

  6. @JD: “…prog moms all compete in the “my child is more fucked up than yours” derby”. To that I would add “And because I support, facilitate and celebrate this I AM A BETTER MOM THAN YOU”. That’s what it’s really about. Establishing a false sense of superiority for better bragging rights.

  7. I remember my daughter having nightmares about not wearing clean underwear when she left the house in case she got in an accident.

    children learn to fear the demons of their parents.

  8. Both my son and my daughter used to wake up having nitemares about showering with me.

    i jus let em crawl into bed with me …….

  9. Climate change is such bullshit, just something to occupy the news time slot. FAKE justify their spending policies.
    Here the weather for my area.
    Record high temp Dec. 74* 2021
    Next highest 72* 1939
    And 71* 1890
    Record low Dec. -25* 1989
    Next lowest -20* 1917 & -20* 1983
    Looks more like a standard weather pattern.

  10. The Obsolete Man December
    “clean underwear when she got in an accident”
    Tell her not to fear, if she’s in an accident she’ll likely soil herself any way.
    Ask any EMT or tow truck driver.

  11. Cmn¢¢guy
    DECEMBER 4, 2022 AT 7:46 PM
    “The Obsolete Man December
    “clean underwear when she got in an accident”
    Tell her not to fear, if she’s in an accident she’ll likely soil herself any way.
    Ask any EMT or tow truck driver.”

    I didn’t spend a lot of time in people’s underwear unless that’s where the injury was, and I never kicked anyone out of the ambulance for soiling themselves.

    Which some people most certainly did.

    I never worried about the state of people’s drillies,

    During those 2AM calls, I was just happy if they were wearing anything at ALL.

  12. when i 3 or 4 years old, my dad took me to work with him…we walked through a nice shiny well-lit hospital into a nice shiny well-lit room, wherein he showed me a fake human skeleton….these are the facts….

    what i REMEMBER is….being dragged through dark, cobweb-ridden underground caverns into a dark, cobweb-ridden room, where my dad suddenly turned on the light, and THERE WAS THIS SKELETON!!!

    even now, i can bring up this memory…. knowing it is not real does not change the fact that i REMEMBER it… goes without saying that i am scared s-less of skeletons….

    memory is a weird thing….to this day, i believe my lifelong struggle with weight may be on account of being scared of MY OWN SKELETON showing through….

    however, these people intentionally inflicting fear into their children is another thing altogether…..

    unfortunately, one of my two sons has fallen for this climate crap….there is no reaching him…coincidentally, he is the same son that threatened to call CPS on me if i didn’t do what he wanted when he was thirteen….he’s forty now, and votes

    this comment has been brought to you by home-made gin…

  13. Chuckie,
    Should have let your son call CPS, and when they arrived, give over your son to them, “take him, he’s your problem now”. Then close and lock the door behind them all.


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