There is not one accurate Trump quote on this 9 panel meme

This is hard to do, go 0 for 9 in one meme.

Well done to the moron who cobbled it together. (For their sake I hope that they knew they were lying when they created this.)

From the “words matter” crowd, this was in my Twitter timeline. I’ve confronted the dope who’s peddling it. Let’s see what sparkling defenses they offer.

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  1. ‘Black football players’? Protesting football players. DemocRATS are just so damn racist. They see everything race first. Once they have done that, they can continue to spread their hate.

  2. The left cannot make a cogent argument for their positions so they lie, slander, libel, and use violence. They are awful people.

  3. I didn’t believe the S-Hole comment the minute I heard it. But even if he did say it, what isn’t accurate?! Everyone knows what a SH country is and it has nothing to do with the color of the people’s skin. Ever been to Mexico and gotten shaken down?! That is a SH country.

  4. And because of the Left, areas in the USA are now becoming SxxxHoles. But you can’t say this because it would be Rxxxst, because everything always is.

  5. What is a sh*t hole? Isn’t that redneck speak for the outhouse? Don’t Dems think conservatives are all rednecks? Why are they surprised Trump speaks to his base? It’s not like he said Guam would tip over, or something.

  6. I don’t think the Dems and the media have really considered that Trump talking tough on immigration is not going to offend his base. If anything some of us were getting concerned hearing him talk about a bill of love. Keep up the mock outrage and keep reminding everyone that Trump is sticking to his campaign promises.

  7. but when a soon to be permanent majority of voting age Americans are dumb as a box of rocks and so easily gullible to this shit (Grubbered) it means our country is lost….it’s no longer if and only WHEN they can destroy it….TRUMP was a wonderful delay to the takeover but it will come soon enough and the Democrats will act just like Obama Royalty and will “let the Grubers eat cake” in a classic fashion. Of course, not 1 in 1000 millenials even knows what that phrase means……..

  8. They are getting pretty desperate now. But what is another lie?

    The tabloid media is SO ANGRY Trump is getting victories, they need anything to tilt the narrative somewhere else.

  9. David Burge
    other great Shithole Country acts:
    Curlin Dumpy
    Johnny Scat
    Cornway Feces
    Pinch Loafin
    Garth Brooks

  10. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”
    — Joseph Goebbels

  11. I can see an uncivil war brewing if these attacks on my President do not stop soon. I am hopefully not in the minority when I say I have had enough.

  12. “I’ve confronted the dope who’s peddling it. Let’s see what sparkling defenses they offer.”

    If the quotes are incorrect, the thoughts about these groups came from their little brains. hmmmmm

  13. Make no mistake: The Democrat party and its shithole values, which bestow upon us such places of misery as Detroit and Baltimore, want nothing more than for
    the United States to be another shithole nation, like the nations from whom they import their dependent class voter base.

  14. Its the Raw Story/ThinkProgressification of the MSM. Take my inference of what you said and pretend it is a direct quote.

    Dowdify a quote here and there.


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