There is something ironic about Belgium’s old age home for animals

As Belgium embraces and encourages euthanasia for humans (many against their will), a new old age home for sick and elderly animals has opened.


In southern Belgium there is a care home that accommodates 150 aging animals, living out their final days in peace.

The home is run by Valerie Luycx and is called Les Petits Vieux (The Little Old Ones).

All the animals either have health problems or have been given up because their owners were too old to care for them.

Residents include Azuria, a 15-year-old European cat, and Ramses, a nine-year-old Carlin dog.

Valerie founded the shelter in 2000 with her husband Serge. She said: “We wanted to recreate family life for the animals.”

On the left here is Choupy, a 14-year-old Yorkshire Terrier.


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6 Comments on There is something ironic about Belgium’s old age home for animals

  1. yeah grandma, you’re getting old & scruffy
    sign your ‘termination‘ ‘permission’ papers
    & we’ll take care of your little Muffy

  2. Wasn’t PETA taking care of animals too? And by taking care, I mean euthanizing them before finding homes or returning them to their rightful owners.

  3. My baby is 14 and I think he’s just a baby cat! Goes outside hunting and everything, lounging inside tonight and grooming himself. Old? not yet.

  4. Ironic? Sick.
    Not that I have anything against old cats and dogs. I just think maybe we could look out for their aging ‘pet parents’ too…

  5. There is something old and rotten
    in Belgium. The center of the EU
    Transnazionals and full of muslim migrants now it mimics the Nazi’s and murders its “undesirables”.


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