There something about this clip of president Trump that feels different

This was sent over by Ghost of CJG. The content is nothing remarkable. The attitude is. The forcefulness, the command, the strength is palpable. He’s also very comfortable.

This is, like a youtube commenter said, A MAN ON THE JOB.

See if you agree-

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  1. he puts news from other orgs to shame
    CNN fake news by fake people delivering fake news.
    MSNBC luke warm fake news
    ABC, CBS, etc. barley fake news
    he has presents and delivery. and owns it with confidence.

  2. I wouldn’t describe it as “forcefulness, command, or strength.” Nor would I say he sounds “comfortable.”

    To me, he sounds like he’s being veeerrrry careful with his wording, to make sure he doesn’t go off on his trademark “off the cuff”-isms on this matter of international security. It shows me he recognizes the severity of the threats at hand and that this is *not* the time or place – as his rallies *are* – to go long on the tongue.

  3. He quickly dismissed the idiotic Warren question about paying her. “You better read it again” funny stuff!

  4. Can you imagine being hounded EVERY DAY by people shouting inanities at you? And yet, there he is. No ducking for cover the way that other guy did — even though the press showed up with blankies, cocoa and love notes for him.

    I remember POTUS Trump’s very first press conference on foreign policy. This short Q&A is like that.

    In his “60 Minutes” interview he said that D.C. was a very tough, contentious town; sorta like himself, and that’s why he’s so comfortable there. He really does seem to thrive in that environment. I’m sure this is the one aspect about him that drives them all nuts. They can’t push him around at all. One in a million, for sure.

  5. If that shrill scrunt asked about E Warren one more time, I was going to punch her……
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  6. BFH, I agree, and I think it is a function of the umbrella. When he is not using his hands to talk and is not overly animated, he appears more confident. Umbrella is holding him in place.

  7. Oh my gosh! The President of the United States is holding his own umbrella!!!! That is amazing.

    Fake news version: Horrible ‘abuse of power, denying a job for a minion.’

    President Trump is so refreshingly opposite of that despotic ursurper, obamination, who not only didn’t hold his own umbrella, but when he did, messed it up. That creep used a dress uniformed Marine to hold it. Plus saluted with a foam cup in his hand at least once. Such an arrogant bastard.

  8. “You’d better go back and read what I said.”

    It’s been more than three years. Trump should not have to be telling the slow-learning journos to do this.

    Going for the Gotcha gets you nowhere, journos.

  9. After his terms as president, I would like him to be the sole anchor on some network.

    There are too many jobs that he does better than everyone else. He’d better not get sick any time soon.

  10. President Trump, just tell those reporters that the journalist was killed due to a video and that’ll be the end of it. It worked for bozo and hellbag.

  11. He is holding his own umbrella?
    To be presidential, he would have a Marine trying to keep him covered. Maybe a few.

  12. I found what the POTUS said about Sears very revealing. He seemed almost as if he took their demise personally as like he, we ALL grew up with Sears. He actually came back to the point after realizing he was not done commenting on it.

    @ 4:10 in the vid.


  13. He looks comfortable and rather healthy, which is great because I thought that he looked a little sickly last month.


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