There Was A Drag Queen At Impeachment Hearings

Newsbusters: If you want a concise distillation of how serious the left’s impeachment attempts are on this first official day of hearings, look at the Drag Queen journalists on the ground at Capitol Hill. Just try to tell yourself — without wincing — that this is a “sad” and oh-so-serious day for democracy, as Nancy Pelosi puts it.

It sure says a lot about the Democratic party when drag queens have become their shock troopers.

Pissi Myles, as he likes to call himself (please Lord, we hope that doesn’t mean what we think it means), apparently fancies himself a journalist with a valid interest in covering impeachment politics. It’s a nice reminder of just how much of a circus the Dems’ attempt at removing Trump is, with freaks like Pissi Myles being the enthusiastic rent-a-clowns. more

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  1. The daily shitshow that is Congress makes Sodom and Gomorrah look like a solemn Quaker meeting by comparison.
    The limbo bar it seems, cannot be set any lower. No worries though, they’ll still find a degenerate capable of slithering under.


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