There’s a Blockbuster still in business????

There is a Blockbuster still operating for business in Oregon.

They just offered an unusual deal. They are opening as a BnB and only charging 4 dollars a night. This includes watching any movies and eating all the snacks. They even set up a 90s style living room for you to enjoy your overnight stay.

4 dollars is too cheap.

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  1. I stayed in a Blockbuster store one night. They had a cardboard cutout of Michelle Pfeiffer for the movie Dangerous Minds & I wanted it. Slept with the owner & she gave it to me. Still have it too. The cutout not the owner.

  2. The only catch is that you have to wear 90’s fashion clothing – whatever that is. What fashion was in style in that decade? MC Hammer pants?

  3. $4 a night?!?! 😮

    I predict a BLOCKBUSTER of a baby boom, 9mos. after the PROM!!! 😮 😮 😮

  4. LOL, I used to live in Bend, Oregon.
    Used to be a quaint little town.
    Then it was Californicated and the rest is history.

  5. I remembered reading about this blockbuster years ago when VHS was totally gone from shelves anywhere, even the library. They said the popluaiton in Bend prefers not to go into the new “techo” movie age and likes their VHS movies just find. Well I guess knowing the people in Oregon, it makes sense they would like the BnB idea in a Blockbuster. And to think Ghost and I thought about moving to OR back in ’90. All a little strange, if you ask me.

  6. I knew it was going to be in Bend. I went there in 92 with my brother – walked into a restaurant and it was like walking into a Mork and Mindy set. They are always about 20 years behind there.

  7. There is still a Shakey’s Pizza in Fairwood, just South of Seattle. Another one in Tri Cities. The last two in Washington.


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