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There’s A Cultural Shift Going On

John Nolte at Breitbart

I just don’t see this happening two or three years ago.

Something has changed.

Something is in the air.

One of the ways Democrats keep people in line is through cultural pressure and bullying. For example, black people who choose the Republican party are dehumanized by Democrats, the corporate media, and Hollywood as “Uncle Toms,” “race traitors,” and “not really black.” Likewise, billionaires like Bezos and Musk open themselves up to hit pieces, ridicule, and attacks on their businesses by both the fascist media and the fascist federal government. On top of that is the fear of social alienation within their peer group.

Ask Alan Dershowitz how that works.

Democrats control their base not through success and prosperity but through fear, through omerta…

But once people, especially high-profile types like Snoop Dogg and Bezos and Musk, stop fearing Democrats and shrug off the consequences of apostasy, the floodgates can easily open wide. More

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  1. Sounds good but I will believe it when it see the shift happening.
    Dershowiz is just another talking head.

  2. I find it hilarious that Bezos is getting street cred from some folks because he calls out the bullshit from the WH that raising taxes on corporations will curtail inflation. This is the same stooge that propagated every lie, through his propaganda machine the Washington Post, that Hillary, the DNC, Comey, Biden, Ron Klain, and Mike Donilon made up to hurt Trump; Russia collusion, the Steele Report, the bogus Ukraine phone-call, Hunter’s laptop, and Trump’s complexity re: Jan. 6th.

    I’m not convinced of any cultural shift, not yet. Oh sure, some of their talking heads are being forced to admit,”Come on, even this shit is too stupid for words”. But their loyalties, their influence, and all their money still rides the progressive train.

  3. I will be convinced on Tuesday, November 8. Or maybe the 9th, once we’re certain that the people who actually earned the most votes won their race. Well, hopefully that week at least. Well, I’m sure that many of the mail-in votes will be for my preferred candidate, and that the Democrat can’t catch up what appears to be an insurmountable lead with just mail-in votes that haven’t been counted yet.
    Well, off to the gun shop to get some ammo.

  4. Jeff Bezos is still a POS. How many extra billions has he made through the shut downs?
    As a self employed cheapskate, Amazon rarely has the best price. Generally 8-10% higher, even with free shipping.

  5. Now that it’s clear that the news media flat out fucking lies all the time, anyone in their sights is given the full benefit of the doubt and likely guilty of nothing more than trying to do something that is actually for the common good.

  6. HEY MULE ! I just watched a vid of dirt bag Joe Scarburrow.
    He said Nazi dude George Soreass was a good man and that anti-Jew people were raging on him.These people are pure evil.You KNOW they Know the truth but will destroy America for a FAT pay check.


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