‘There’s Always An Angle’: Tucker Carlson Has A Theory About Why Some Big Corporations Are ‘Paying’ For ‘Riots’

Daily Caller: Fox News host Tucker Carlson listed several major U.S. corporations that have given money to various groups behind ongoing protests, many of which have turned into riots.

During the Thursday night “Tucker Carlson Tonight” segment, Carlson speculated that those corporations’ lack of support of small businesses devastated by the looting and destruction of property in many cities was because of a desire to reduce competition. more

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  1. gotta say, Tucker has been spot-on in practically all of his opening monologues this past 2 weeks … particularly on the pantifa/blm rioting & looting peaceful protests

  2. @Rick – they (“conservative” talking heads) all are, and they all do. One can only hope that they spur some righteous action from the viewers. I gave up thinking that anyone on network media truly has the country’s best interest at heart a looong time ago. Trump is our last best hope.

  3. It turns out that Nike is offering $1000.00 dollars and 3 pairs of sneakers for anybody that dies on their knees….

  4. The oligarchs are following a modified Chinese totalitarian model.

    Technology has made possible what Hitler, Russia, NKorea, Cuba, Venezuela and all the other wannabe totalitarian socialist regimes could not accomplish. We are being taken over by technological oligarchs wearing a velvet glove. We are the frog in the pot of gradually boiling water.

  5. I don’t doubt his theory at all I believe that was the whole reason for the Corona virus scam shut down all the small businesses and force everyone into the large box Stores. crushing the little businesses

  6. More questions:
    Where exactly is the money being donated going? What is it being used for? Who exactly has control over how and where it is spent?
    One question no business will answer: Why all the support for a black supremacy group?

  7. Kinda hard to call this a revolution when you are getting corporate sponsorship.

    When are we going to see news clips of these rioting revolutionaries with a voiceover:
    “This “revolution” is brought to you by Apple, Intel, Pepsi, Walmart, and our donors from Open Society and the Tides Foundation”


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