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There’s Going To Be A Dual Reckoning

The American Spectator

Two reckonings are due on the Wuhan virus, and both should begin soon.

Let’s call these two reckonings the Foreign Reckoning and the Domestic Reckoning, because our current national crisis of an imprisoned and dying economy has dual sources.

The Foreign Reckoning, as has been discussed in this space and elsewhere, has to do with China…

…The other reckoning is the domestic one. Because now that we’re starting to wake up to the fact we’re much further along the infection curve than we thought we were — which is China’s fault, as my column yesterday covered — a whole lot of our politicians and bureaucrats who plunged the country into the current national shutdown on the basis of what has turned out to be runaway hysteria are going to have to face the music. More

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  1. yep … right after the reckoning of the Obama Regimes CIA, FBI, DoJ, FISA Court, State Dept., ………

  2. I saw where Gavin Newsom has an 89 percent approval rating now. Up 49 percent on something

  3. In Washington State you can rub shoulders in a pot shop, or buy curbside cocktails, but you cannot go out alone in your private boat on Puget Sound and go fishing.

    There are a lot of Union Democrats who are about fit to be tied right now about that. They are being forced to not show up at work and want to go fishing and they are highly pissed off about it.

  4. JDHasty, same here in Michigan. It’s seems to be blowing up big time on our Governor. If you’re bored go to the Detroit Free Press (considered to be a liberal/democrat rag) opinion section and read the article penned by our governor and then go to the comments. She’s getting roasted. She brought race into it.

  5. Jpm, he’s reaching despot levels of adulation. I think Trump pumped him up just to furrow the sloped leftist brows in CA. But no doubt the rotund reconquistas are excited about his limbo nation-state boilerplate. They haven’t had a chance like this in almost 200 years.

  6. @ Different Tim APRIL 12, 2020 AT 10:51 PM

    If she gets out of this without getting herself tarred and feathered it will be a miracle

  7. Thirdtwin

    You can’t trust any numbers that come out of this state. Especially election returns.


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