There’s Simply No Comparison

The MSM has been declaring all day that Ivanka Trump misused personal e-mail for WH business the same way that Hillary Clinton did when she was secretary of state, Here

White House ethics lawyer, Abbe Lowell, disabused them of the notion by clearly contrasting what each had done with their e-mails, Here


9 Comments on There’s Simply No Comparison

  1. Hillary chimed in with this, defending Ivanka’s use of e-mail………”Why do they always pick on us pretty girls”….

  2. True or not, doesn’t matter. Democrats could care less. Damage is done and now she’s boxed into to a ‘you’re guilty until you prove you’re innocent’ scenario. Democrats plan all along.

  3. I just filed this under the same bullshit as…The Twatwaffles that keep demanding Trump’s tax returns, I’m still waiting to see the sealed document from the faggot commie Kenyan muzzie that was illegally placed in that office before Trump!

  4. Of course there isn’t. But this is for consumption by NPCs. And consume it they will.

    If only we had an electorate of GOP warriors instead of corrupt hacks to lead the pathetic herd. Trump can do it to an extent, but not alone.

  5. How does one compare a patriotic statuesque beauty to a shrill, traitorous, murderous Beastcunt? Who comes up with this weak sauce agitprop, a bunch of…oh wait…never mind.

  6. Let me know when they actually show an equal amount of concern for Hillary’s, more than obvious phuck-ups, otherwise take a damn hike.


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