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There’s Something Terribly Wrong Happening With the Sons of Celebrities

Vigilant Citizen

Why are there so many little boys walking around in dresses in Hollywood? Why are these children so intensely promoted on social and mass media? And what the hell is going on with Liev Shreiber?

I do not particularly enjoy discussing the children of celebrities. These kids did not choose to live under the spotlight and they deserve to enjoy normal childhoods. However, some celebrity parents do everything in their power to thrust their children under that proverbial spotlight. They are paraded around at social events, publicized all over social media, and some are even used as props for PR stunts and general virtue signaling.

While that behavior is already exploitive in its own right, another level of strangeness has been emerging in Hollywood in the past years: Little boys walking around in dresses. And some are as young as TWO years old. And many of them wear outfits that are weirdly revealing and sexualized. It has become something of a “trend” among the Hollywood elite, a fashionable thing to do. Of course, mass media outlets inevitably shower these parents with praise because they allow their children to “express themselves”. more

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  1. Pffft. It’s Hollywood. Try that ish’ down on Crenshaw or Grape street.

    ALL of those kids are destined for drug overdoses, poverty, and disgrace. I.E. easy pickings for unscrupulous bastards like me.

    Also,think of all those kids headed for the couch and lifelong resentment towards their parents.

  2. There is no way that one pervert is not molesting his sons. It’s like he gets off on wanting you to know he molests them.

  3. It’s the farm league for the next Big Ass Kardashian things. Just waiting for their next TV series. Except no one wants to watch these lil faggots anymore. Hollywood sells to the deviants. They always have. A novelty for normies. The woke culture fixed that shit.

  4. Throw no talent into the mix and I’m surprised that you can locate a single one of their offspring that isn’t as fucked up as a football bat.

  5. Kids are the new accessories, like those little dogs the glitterati carry around in their purses. Dress them up in the latest outfits and parade them about town. We have our very own aristocrats now :/

  6. When Jesus said “it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God”, this is what he was talking about.

  7. Will Smith and his twitchy-bitchy wife essentially switched their spawns too. Boy dresses like a girl and girl dykes out in boys attire.

    I sense the men in these situations are threatened by male energy in the home and the women who flip their boys into girls….Calling Freud, Dr Freud.

    I predict there’ll be a rash of Hollywood suicidal horrors in 8-15 years. It’ll be the next big thing…the parents of these tragedies will rush to the mic at their “xyz self-award” shows to demand the world join them in celebrating their “brave misunderstood pioneers of gender fluidity” who were simply too elevated to remain on planet earth.

  8. They’re encouraged or instructed to do this by powers which they want to stay connected to. Take that on whatever level you think works.

  9. Every child who has ever lived wants to be greater than their parents. And when a child has a famous parent, they feel like the bar is set too high, even if that parent is horrible behind the scenes.

    The solution: become a tranny. Suddenly the child is making headlines instead of the parent, without having to do anything to earn them.

  10. Hollywood is run by pedophiles. The professional pretenders are part of it.
    Surround yourself with freaks and soon it seems normal.
    Satan does the slow frog boil over there.
    All of you guys are right ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    The psychiatric issues, drug use, etc is going to dominate those live action accessory children’s lives.

  11. The reason for such behavior against their kids is that it feeds into the parent’s own degenerated and perverted natures. In this way, these adults who degrade their kids see it as a (sinister) win-win situation since the parents were all perverted to begin with and now have kids which they’re free to humiliate and exploit. Madonna is an aged-out jackal-looking withered bag of ugly flesh and needs some youngster, who is a symbol of her perversions and “adopted” for that purpose while the rest such as Schreiber are likely participants of that Epstein-Maxwell child seks trafficking ring and bearers/issuers of child porn. While Hunter Biden and other pedos are being focused on, MSM makes sure it doesn’t bring attention to these self-proclaimed “celebrities” as active child abusers, child abductors, child rapists and molesters, and child exploiters. Independent and credible journalists should focus on this matter.

  12. Add that evil is often generational. Those kids and their own future children don’t stand a chance. It takes JUST ONE to break the cycle. As for Schreiber,dumped him and his bogus films/shows some time ago when it was discovered he’s a degenerate, pervert, and child molester.

  13. @Fritz
    We are where we are now because Jesus didn’t have the wheel all along.
    It was wrested from his grip the day this nations leaders decided they were gods.

  14. In Hollywood, the African Adoptee is old and busted. The new hotness is Tranny Kids. Madonna and Charlize Theron have managed to upcycle their old and busted African Adoptees into Tranny Kids.

    Liev Schrieber is pedophile pervert and should be locked up.

  15. When I was a little boy I often fantisied about putting on womans clothing & undergarments. Does that make me gay? Don’t answer that just yet, there’s more. Then one day I made the bold step & did it. For a long time I was a closet crossdresser, no one ever knew my secret. As I got older it became harder & harder to hide this secret. Until much later in my life. Now it’s thank you America for for getting “Woke” & I have a high paying job as a government official. Thank you.

  16. These celebrities are merely passing on the perversions they sold their souls for. The king of the perverts is Tom Hanks who is said to have let other pervs borrow his sons.

  17. These people are, by and large, “ticket takers;” They have taken the ticket for that ride to fame and fortune. Ol’ Scratch is the ticket vendor; these people are his and do his bidding.


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