These guys always side with our enemy

Patriot Retort:

From the way Leftists are behaving, you would think Kim Jong Un was just minding his own business courageously serving his people when Donald Trump – for no reason at all – began threatening him.

In an instant, the Trump-haters began attacking the President for being a meanie while once again taking the side of our enemy.


Chelsea Handler went so far as to demand the military launch a coup against our democratically-elected President.

Which is all kinds of ironic.

Because back before Trump was inaugurated, Chelsea was super worried about North Korea.

At the time, I wrote:

So, North Korea has spent the last twenty years developing nuclear weapons and she’s upset that President-Elect Donald Trump hasn’t done anything about it before he’s inaugurated.

You’d think she’d be more upset over the fact that the current President who has been taking up space in the White House for eight years let it get this far.

But no!

What the dumb dink fails to notice is she’s basically admitting that after eight years, Barack Obama never got around to doing the job of President.

This woman is so stupid, in her feeble attempt to bash Trump, she’s acknowledging that she expects Trump – as President-Elect — to be more of a President than Barack Obama ever was.

The fat hag Rosie O’Donnell tweeted out a video apologizing to Kim Jong Un and urging him not to listen to President Trump.  MORE

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  1. To me, the simplest example of the Left’s inability to recognize its own hypocrisy was the Comey firing.
    Ask any Leftist on the day before Comey was actually fired and they hated the guy for ruining Clinton’s election chances, and they wanted him fired. Comey needed to go.
    The day Comey was fired, the Leftists wanted to give Saint Comey oral pleasure.

    Have you heard much of anything from the new FBI Director? Not me. And isn’t that perhaps more like it should be?

  2. They live in a dystopian world where they’re surrounded by evil doers {all who disagree}. They can never be changed and when numbers become unmanageable they must be culled.

  3. In meatspace stupid millenials get quarantined, there are physical consequences in reality. The innernut is not the real world.

    Secondly, the name “Chelsea” has been ruined by another psychotic.

    We need to add prozac & lithium to municipal water.

  4. They are morons and mostly laughable, however they do have an idiot savant capacity for gumming up this countries legal system.

  5. “The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend.”

    We live in a world without principles. The unprincipled are elevated to high office (through voter fraud in many cases) while men of principle are ridiculed as being “partisan” or “naive.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. The Left attracts certain Personality Types.

    Physical cowards, slackers, shirkers, defeatists. The freeloaders, the envious. The permanent adolescents. People with Daddy issues, Mommy issues, resentments and confusions of all types. Neurotics and the hysterical.

    These types are the enemies within in any era, and any people.

  7. Debating leftists is usually a hoot except they have very short fuses. Most are emotional, none are logical. If not for bumper stickers and teacher’s lounges they wouldn’t be so misinformed. Doesn’t take much to make them explode. They simply cannot handle the truth. They fire right back with rhetoric. Easy to come up with a list of leftists who’d fit right in with lil Kim.

  8. Every America-hater that pops up, the liberals gravitate towards

    They have the same agenda, pull it to the ground. They love riling up chaos and discontent. They hope every rally will march on places of power and have a coup and take it over. They just can’t understand why it hasn’t happened yet, like in Europe and S. America.

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