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These NYC cabbies can’t wait to give you a ride

NYP– A new beefcake calendar featuring a group of topless and nearly naked New York cabbies may be the best advertisement ever — for taking an Uber!

Photo: Shannon Kirkman / Caters News
Photo: Shannon Kirkman / Caters News

The 2016 NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar is filled with pictures of a dozen homely hacks, proudly displaying their beer guts, back hair and dad bods.

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  1. I’ve never been in a cab….are they filthy? Where I live everyone has at least 2 cars. Some people have big 4×4 for winter driving. I also have never been on a bus or sub way.

  2. Oh my goodness Fur. Yes, I think you can put out a calendar “Women of IOTW.” It would be much easier to look at, I’m sure. Especially since we are all conservative women. I’m sure the men would make better calendar models also.

  3. Yeah, me, too.

    There is a cab company in the local town, but they cater to the kind of people that make you want to take an antibiotic just from looking at them. And their cabs/cabbies look like it, too!

  4. The cars are clean but very uncomfortable because of poor design. There isn’t enough leg room for a midget, let alone a normal adult.

  5. Fur, get a grip please. I don’t care what my cabbie looks like as long as he can speak English!

    I recently took a cab from the South Bronx home. I told the driver I was going to Midland Avenue in Yonkers AND gave directions. I promptly collapsed and fell asleep because I felt lousy and in fact was sick as a dog the next day.

    I wake up and we’re in Southwest Yonkers. Dumb fuck thought I wanted to go to McLean Avenue. I bailed without paying and called a local car service from a barber shop.

  6. You just know the female versions of Greyscape would hit ’em. Afterall, look at Mama June from Honey Boo Boo. She seems to have no trouble getting a man ’cause she’s not picky. As my grandparents used to say, “There’s a lid for every pot.”

  7. In NYC you take a cab or the subway. I think I prefer the subway. The way the cabbies drive, I usually need anxiety medication by the time I reach my destination. At least on the subway there’s entertainment.

  8. Actually this was BFH’s idea back in the summer, when I mentioned my blond over grey hair was green from pool chlorine. 🙂

    p.s. My tire guy is better looking. He’s probably older, but he’s a conservative. (smile)

  9. Number One, I ain’t goin’ to no New Yawk City no way, no how, anyways. So taxi rides with the butt ugly end of the driver is totally out of the picture.

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