These two were busted with enough Fentanyl to kill New York City, New Jersey combined

FOX: Two men arrested in the largest fentanyl bust in New Jersey history were sentenced to prison Friday, after authorities said they had enough lethal doses to kill the entire population of New Jersey and New York City combined.

Jesus Carrillo-Pineda, 31, and Daniel Vasquez, 28, were sentenced Friday in New Jersey’s largest seizure of fentanyl. (New Jersey State Police)

Jesus Carrillo-Pineda, a 31-year-old Philadelphia resident, received a 10-year sentence while Daniel Vasquez, a 28-year-old Somerton, Ariz., resident, received a six-year term, the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office announced.

The two men were among four charged after nearly 100 pounds of the synthetic opioid was seized by New Jersey State Police last June, which could have yielded more than 18 million lethal doses.  MORE HERE

21 Comments on These two were busted with enough Fentanyl to kill New York City, New Jersey combined

  1. Not seeing a problem if you throw in California too. Liberals are more likely to use and abuse
    drugs. This could be a great way to even the playing field when the millions of dreamers start voting.

  2. The toxicity of that shit is ridiculous uncut. I feel for the LEOS on this.

    One touch you die? Kill the smugglers.

  3. This stuff isn’t a drug – it’s a weapon of mass destruction – these guys should have gotten life – are they illegals?

  4. two were busted with enough Fentanyl to kill New York City, New Jersey combined

    Any further denials that LEO are the enemy of the people?

  5. Undocumented Pharmacists.

    What’s all the fuss about?

    Somebody didn’t get his envelope and is in a shitty mood.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. The gov’t has no idea how to get this under control b/c it is easy to smuggle across the (wall-less) border. To show action, they are taking away mild and safe pain medication (that have zero resemblance to fentanyl) from chronic pain patients, and strong arming MDs that prescribe anything stronger than extra strength Tylenol (which doesn’t do much if anything).

  7. Love how the media reports the homes of these folks….some guy from Philly and some other guy who is from Arizona.

  8. All phases of life are FUBAR and in urgent need of stable flushing.

    Time to get stuck in a drive thru line at a Starbucks.

  9. They should have sentenced these losers to a life sentence of living in California and shipped them and their Fentanyl to that state!

  10. This two mother fuc have to be criminals illegal aliens 👁👁👁👁👁at the names the SOB should be in jail for life, or shot dead , send body in a body bag to their shit hole country. I hope this two animals rat in jail.

  11. If we had a twenty foot fence we could just throw them over. No wasting money or time on trials or prison with this plan.

  12. So this is how they treat domestic WMDs in Joisey?”

    Sure flip, it wasn’t like they had a handgun or anything.

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