These Violent Facts About LGBT Couples Are So Real Even Biden’s DOJ Forced to Admit Inconvenient Truth – IOTW Report

These Violent Facts About LGBT Couples Are So Real Even Biden’s DOJ Forced to Admit Inconvenient Truth

Western Journal-

A report from President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice released in June includes a fact that the Biden administration likely regrets publishing.

As it turns out, according to the report, domestic violence is more common in LGBT relationships.

Titled “Violent Victimization by Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, 2017-2020,” the report sought to prove the pervasiveness of anti-LGBT violence.

After listing off a number of stats meant to show this supposed pervasiveness, the report dropped a domestic violence truth bomb: When compared to straight couples, domestic violence is eight times higher among bisexual couples and more than twice as high among lesbian and gay couples.

A 2018 review of studies analyzing “intimate partner violence” published in the National Library of Medicine reached the same conclusion. According to the review, IPV among LGBT couples is “comparable to or higher than heterosexual cases.” more here

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  1. These disturbed misfits from the Island of Busted-Ass Toys are Evolutionary Dead-Enders and THEY KNOW IT! Who could possibly be satisfied with that life choice? They hate themselves and they hate each other. That’s why they constantly have to beat the false “Pride” drum!!

  2. I read an thought-provoking statement the other day:

    “Only something of value is ever counterfeited.”

    What could be more valuable to a human than to secure a life-long relationship with another, let alone to produce a family with them to love and cherish? The counterfeits are just that; they appear the same, but they are false.

  3. And then they blame the violence on ‘homophobic white supremacists’, ignoring data and insisting that rhetoric is more valid.
    And it enables the actual perpetrators of violence to continue, since as part of a ‘grievance class’ they cannot be prosecuted – meaning that the victims in the same group cannot find recourse or safety.
    It’s disgusting.

  4. What’s important to note in the official DOJ study is that only the VICTIMS are tabulated, not the perpetrators. Of course the vast majority of the time the perpetrators are the ones they are in a relationship with and therefore also LGBTQXYZed, but since none of that data is presented people can insist that it is some other group. Again, leading to continued increased violence within this group.

  5. The Pride Pox (monkey butt love pox) will thin the herd of deviant pedophiles. Keep loving and partying!

  6. Violence is especially common with dykes. The typical bull dyke is an exceedingly foul example of sub-human trash.

  7. Let me be frank.
    No, you were frank last time. It’s my turn to be frank.
    That’s how arguments start.

  8. Anyone who has been involved with law enforcement will confirm that homosexuals are victims/perpetrators of domestic violence at a higher rate than normal people.

  9. @Tony, it’s true. I worked in a large city in which there was a relatively big population of them in one section of the city. There were also bars specifically catering to the deviants. They were especially nasty when we were called to these domestic fights. We loathed going to them; even more than normal domestic fights. Fortunately, most of the deviants were concentrated in a beat adjacent to ours, but we would respond with the beat unit because they were very dangerous

  10. It’s because homosexual queers are sick in the head.

    They turned their backs on God, so it is to be expected.


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