They All Ridiculed Mike Pence – Who’s Laughing Now?

I had a friend that became a school teacher late in life (he was a history teacher and he was conservative.)

During LOCKER ROOM TALK someone asked, “how do you deal with some of these high school girls?,” implying that some of them were tough not to “notice.”

He said, “one thing I never ever do. I will never be alone in a room with any student. My door remains open. If a student walks in and is alone, we go out in the hallway. If no one is in the hallway I head for the teacher’s lounge.”

He said he didn’t work hard to get this job to see it crumble apart because of some nutball with an agenda.

Smart guy.

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  1. Yep. If there isn’t even an appearance of impropriety, then there is no impropriety.

    Also, ‘hard not to notice?’ That’s the left being disgusting again. I’m 38, and when I look at a ‘student’, I see a baby!

  2. As a counselor and pastor I always made sure I could never be put in a position to be accused of anything.

    That meant only counseling women/girls if another woman or man were present, having windows in my office doors, never giving any female not of my family or a co-worker I trusted a ride, and never having a business or lunch with a female. Sometimes it sucked but I have no secrets or worries to this day.

    I also learned to avert (AVERT) my eyes if a woman had revealing clothes or bent over exposing any woman parts not mine to see. Prudish maybe but it is the right thing to do.

    My wife was (IS) enough woman for me and then some.

  3. When you get older, high school girls seem younger. I once asked a girl is she was in junior high, and she said, “No, I’m a senior.” Same thing with a college girl, I swear she was a sophomore in high school. –Don’t read anything into that, I’m not Matt Lauer.

    Pence was right when he said on B.E.T.: “Them ‘hoes be crazy-assed bitches. I never be alone with them.”


  4. Probably the smartest thing being a Boy Scout leader has taught me is their “two-deep” leadership method. Never be alone with a youth. Always have another leader or group of scouts around you and stay in the open. I do my best to apply it to friends kids visiting and other women I meet in daily work. I’m no prude either, but I’m not having some crazy phucker ruin my life for some insane reason.

  5. I’m sure if Gloria Allred looked hard enough, she could find a psycho woman to claim that Pence and his wife forced her into a threesome.

  6. I’d never put my self in that position either. Another thing still bother me, there’s been a few times where I’ve seen young girls get hurt, skinned knees, that type of thing. If the parents aren’t around I’ll go find a woman to help them. Me, I’m not getting near them. Hate to be that way but that’s the world we live in.
    Also, I can’t be the only married guy here that’s been aggressively or even passively hit on by a woman. Is some of what’s taking place sour grapes?

  7. No, Brad. It’s like the way you have it easier finding a new job if you’re currently employed. Homewreckers want somebody who already has a home.

  8. Mr. Crowley is in healthcare and one thing I learned early in my career is to NEVER, EVER be alone with ANY woman! Healthcare is predominantly women and a great many are bat-shit crazy. They get the slightest reason to oppose you and you are a target. Some will go to any lengths to remove a man from his post. It is getting to the point in healthcare that you can’t even contemplate being friendly with co-workers, if you are a man.

  9. If I had a son, I’d make him wear a bodycam. Seriously. I don’t like this open season on men. Glad to see that most of these claims against people like Franken have hard evidence or at least corroboration.

  10. My dad taught me that rule at a very young age. He was/is so right. I have seen some bad things happen to good people because they did not follow this simple rule.

  11. Every man is a target. My son was accused of harassment, when he was pretty young, it was ‘he said, she said’, and he was devastated, but he learned his lesson.

    All men need to heed the don’t be alone with a woman advisory.

    As a woman I hate to say this, but some of us be bitches!

  12. Unfortunately VP Pence is correct. Also wise. Sad but that’s the world Hysterical Feminism has wrought.
    Or over-wrought. ☹️

    My longtime family Doctor stopped being alone with ANY patient, male or female, about 15 years ago. He’s hired multiple nurses whose only real job is to follow him and his Nurse Practitioners from one exam room to another as full time “witnesses”. Hellishly expensive but cheaper than litigating false accusations.

    I’m never alone with an office female, anywhere, anytime. No more after hours platonic socializing or emailing. I’m a gregarious guy so that was an adjustment.

    The War On Men continues.

  13. Avoid students like the plague in my K-12. I like older women anyway, All I hear is “Hey Nineteen” when I’m talking to anyone under 40.

    Kids don’t know Jack, and have nothing to bring to the table.

  14. I feel Hans’comment but I’m on the other end. My current boss, by all accounts, is a very attractive woman. Smart, funny, forthright, was accepted to a top Ivy school, yadda, yadda.

    However, she wears quite flattering tops that compliment her ample, possibly in need of reduction surgery, bosom. I know this sounds like one of those nice to have problems. It is not.

    When we have private meetings and that calibre of cleavage crack is literally less than 8 inches from her face, it puts me in a very awkward position.

    Like the Seinfeld field of vision episode.

    Basically, I have to lock eyes when talking. I feel like I’m walking a tight rope between Mt. Olympus and unemployment. Very unsettling. Is today the day I fall? Or was I pushed?

  15. There are lots of women who haven’t had a Godly, caring, responsible father in their lives. Off-balanced and neurotic these women grow up to be menacing – stone cold crazy. If you have a son, better teach him what to look out for during his preteens. Sure, let him know how to respect girls and women, including protecting himself from being a target of a manipulative and/or obsessive-needy female.
    On a personal note, my respectful, handsome, athletic son was turning in a report for summer school his senior year, while I waited in my car. A five minute errand turned into 20 mins. I was very concerned and angry. I went looking for my son and found him taping maps to walls im a classroom, while a 30 something, cleavage bearing woman teacher looked on. It was just the two of them! I let her know how inappropriate this was and got my son out of there. Believe it or not another woman teacher across the hall, 40 something, was waiting for him to finish with the maps, to move boxes. Those heifers were taking advantage and my son being male was flattered. I reminded him how easily the situation could have gone sideways.

  16. 99th Squad Leader

    As far as you son, I have a son that was seduced at an early age (15 or 16) by an older married woman. I can tell you it was destructive. Good job mom.

  17. So sorry to hear about your son, Bad_Brad. I hope he’s been able to recover from such a difficult situation. Society just doesn’t realize encouraging and guarding the virtue of young men is very important, just as it is for young women. Not at all an easy task for parents – so many obstacles, yet well worth it.

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