They Better Get Used To The Idea Of Paying For the Wall

A long delayed meeting between Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto and our president, Donald J. Trump hit a roadblock last night after a contentious phone call between the two national leaders. It seems Nieto wants Trump to back off the claim that Mexico will pay for our border wall, but President Trump refuses to do that. More





22 Comments on They Better Get Used To The Idea Of Paying For the Wall

  1. That is my trump the fuc Mexican are paying for that wall to keep the fuc criminals illegal aliens out of the USA.
    Enrique Pena Nieto is a fuc dog sending is animals to The USA so the taxpayers America pay for this animals, he need to take care of is rats , in Mexico.

  2. Mex pres has balls. US tax payers are paying through the nose to keep his citizens fed, educated, housed, medically treated,, counseled, etc. It is the least they can do for us

  3. Nieto is irrelevant.
    This is not a negotiation.

    POTUS can collapse the Nieto government, the Peso, theirvwhole econoky at will almost overnight with any number of unilateral moves.
    Naturally Nieto squirms at being reminded of his dependence on US

  4. Does Nieto have a better answer to protect our border?
    Obviously not. Or he could have implemented it already.
    Thus, the wall.

  5. It’s time the exportation of the Mexican peasant class to the US was recognized for what it is – ethnic cleansing by the Mexican elite.

    Notice that Nieto, Vincente Fox, Jorge Ramos – in fact all the Telemundo presenters and politicians are European? Why aren’t there little brown Mexicans in positions of power?

  6. Also, the remittances from Mexicans working in the USA are in the billions, a large component of the Mexican economy. Confiscate the remittances! Stop all benefits to all illegals. The wall will be paid off in no time.

  7. According to the report:
    Trump insists Nieto play along that Mexico will pay for the Wall so Trump appears to honor his campaign rhetoric.
    FACTS: Nieto’s re-election is questionable, given his challenger is purportedly a Nationalist gaining traction as anti-Trump anti-NAFTA.
    Biz relocations have turned, northward.
    Trump is ready to pull out of NAFTA, Vinecente, Jorge, Chamber of Commerce, R/D establishment be damned.

    I don’t think the convo went exactly as ‘sources’ reported.

  8. Remittances reported by the MSM as $250 Billion/year. Since it’s MSM the true amount could be much, much more.

    PDT can tax/Escrow/block outright as much of that as he likes. He can buy the banks’ enthusiastic support by awarding them lucrative “fees” to administer the taxation.

    Nieto knows this. All the players do.

  9. Hey!

    You damn illegals. Fix your own f’ing country and stop coming here illegally.

    If you have no more respect than what you show for your country, how can any sane person believe you’ll have any respect for my country??

  10. SAME as we did with the Iranians after they took our embassy & staff hostage: SEIZE ALL THEIR BANK/INVESTMENT ASSETS IN AMERICA!!!

    And – VOILA!!! PAID-for wall!

  11. Step up deportation of all illegal immigrants, re-negotiate NAFTA (or as Trump recommends individual agreements with Nations).

    If the next Mexican President is not on board, close the southern border.

    The goods and services from central and South American will go through our ports with duties and tariffs for those who do not have signed economic agreements.

  12. I realize that in this mewling, puling snowflake world my suggestion is horribly offensive to many BUT – had Polk just kept on in 1848 until the US reached the southern border of mexico, and kept what we had taken, we, the mexicans and much of the Western Hemisphere would be a helluva lot better off today.

  13. Deportation numbers don’t mean shit when we have an open border. How many foreign criminals have been deported over ten times? Ten fuckin’ times, and they’re still here.

    The wall ain’t a physical thing. It is an act of will rendered real.

  14. Wait until the Wetbacks find out they owe the United States approximately 500 billion dollars for tax money spent on their illegal deadbeats for the past 50 years and they will go into a catatonic shock!

  15. Years ago I was in a Kroger store waiting for a “gentleman” at the service desk who was having Western Union send $2000 down south. I wondered at the time if you multiplied that transfer by a few million people that would add up to a lot of money.


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