They Come Here Out of An Act of Love…For Government Welfare

A report from the Center for Immigration Studies declares that “About 51% of immigrant-led households receive at least one kind of welfare benefit.”


In comparison to the native born population where only 30% of households receive some form of government assistance.


The country of origin that has the highest percentage on the dole are Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean. Asians and Europeans have the lower percent of households taking government hand outs.

5 Comments on They Come Here Out of An Act of Love…For Government Welfare

  1. In some cultures, burping after a good meal is considered being gracious. In others, being a fat pig means your wealthy. Yet in others sucking hind teet off the goobermint means you’re intellectual.

  2. I honestly wonder how a Republican, let alone a Conservative, has a chance of being elected anymore today. With all the election fraud, hand-outs and the economy on the ropes creating evermore dependency, I fear we are past the tipping point. Exactly what was predicted would happen before the last Presidential election has happened.
    Tell me I’m wrong, show me I’m wrong, cuz I sure hope I am wrong!

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