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They Got Greedy.

The liberals had it all. Abortion was legal everywhere, gay people were getting married, and there were tons of gun laws on the books. It was lefty heaven. Then they got greedy.

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  1. I was saying this myself just days ago! Spot on. And, a lesson the RINOs will never learn: You cannot appease the Woke Mob because the Woke Mob is NEVER satisfied.

  2. The left will never be satisfied, they are like their lord and master Lucifer who is never satisfied with all of his death and destruction in order to kill all who oppose them and their socialist/communist radical agenda.

  3. …you don’t get their game, do you?

    They do like all those things because they are perverted baby killers, but they do not care about Black, trans, gay, or any other kind of people, they are just means to an end and a way of serving their master satan by sowing discord and division. They purposely push it past where it will break because they WANT to force a bloody fight, they WANT to collapse the system, they WANT us to kill each other over stupid shit while they kick back in their bunkers and wait, secure in their armed strength that they will rule the ruins as they see fit after we finish killing each other over the idiot divisions they set for us.

    After they have accomplished their goal, they will then brook no dissent. They will send the Black people back to slavery, oppress the Brown people mercilessly, execute the gay and trans people because they have no further use for them. They were just a distraction and a division and Communist will not accept distraction and division in their rule, cf. the Soviet Union and Maoist China.

    Look at how China treats such minorities now for further details of how this will shake out.

    …so no, they are actually quite pleased that it’s all getting ready to blow up, maybe even to the point we have a literal nuclear war over it.

    Because they think they will survive it and we will not.

    Which is what the goal of all of this was from the beginning…

  4. @Irate Nate:

    “…portly, green-haired, unf***able lefty women…” Says a mouthful.

    Yes, indeed! I had the same reaction when I read that description.

    I’ll quibble and nitpick and suggest that “portly” really should be “grotesquely obese”.

  5. Trust me on this, ingratitude defines the bastards. Envy is not among the worst sins, Satan’s tools have inculcated their feeble minds with the notion that envy is among the highest of virtues and the resentment that comes naturally is a tool is used by the progressive movement.

    Nothing, and I mean NOTHING is ever enough for the bastards. They deliberately, systematically and gratuitously destroy everything they can get their hands on. I’ve lived with one of the son of a bitches and it is absolutely impossible to fully appreciate the destructive nature until you accept that at the end of the day that more than anything else it is God they resent.

    What we have been witnessing is their meltdown over having placed their faith in Satan’s empty promises on a global scale. This is not an anomaly, this goes on daily with them. If you take a look at their meltdowns, it is absolutely apparent many of them are demon possessed.

  6. If it wasn’t apparent they sense entitled to get their own way irrespective of whether or not what they want comports with what is spelled out in the Constitution even when what they base their claim on was made up out of whole cloth, it cannot be mistaken now.

  7. But remember the anti-lefties are just as stupid.
    Like the coach who prays at the 50 yard line.
    He won in SCOTUS today.
    But we all lost, though not yet.
    ALL religious groups must be told to “go stick”
    their religion.
    Because if you don’t, you’ll be forced to accomodate
    and surrender to the pigs of jizzlam.
    Just wait, it’s bound to happen.
    And all because of a stupid Xian!

  8. I ­­­­­­a­­m ­­­­ma­­k­­i­­ng 8­­5­­ Dollars e­­a­­ch­­ h­­o­­u­­r ­­­­f­­o­­r w­­o­­r­­ki­­n­­g­­ ­­­­on­­l­­i­­n­­e. ­­I n­­e­­v­­e­­r ­­­­t­­h­­o­­u­­g­­h­­t ­­­­t­­h­­a­­t ­­­­i­­t ­­­­w­­a­­s ­­­­l­­e­­g­­i­­t­­ b­­u­­t­­­­ ­­m­­y­­ ­­­­­­b­­e­­s­­t­­­­ ­­f­­r­­i­­e­­n­­d­­ ­­e­­a­­r­­n­­s ­­­­1­­1­­0­­0­­0 d­­o­­l­­l­­a­­r­­s ­­­­ev­­e­­r­­y ­­m­­o­­n­­t­­h ­­d­­­­o­­i­­n­­g t­­h­­i­­s ­­a­­n­­d­­ s­­h­­e ­­­­sh­­o­­w­­e­­d ­­m­­e­­ ­­h­­o­­w­­.­­ ­­
    C­­h­­e­­c­­k ­­i­­t ­­o­­u­­t ­­b­­y ­­­­v­­i­­s­­i­­t­­i­­n­­­­­­­g f­­­­­­­ol­­­­­­­lo­­­­­­­w­­­­­­­in­­­­­­­g­­­­­­ web..

  9. Please make sure your children have plenty-o-guns for next school shootings, losers, happy culling.


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