They Screwed General Flynn For THIS? Read The Transcripts Of Flynn-Kislyak Calls

The FBI, DOJ, And Obama Screwed General Flynn And Advanced The Russia Hoax For Absolutely Nothing.

The Lid: Brand new DNI Ratcliffe sent the transcripts of phone conversations between Flynn and Kislyak that were declassified by Rick Grenell to Sens. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and Ron Johnson, R-Wis., on Friday. They released it to the public (see below). A reading of the transcripts is more evidence that the FBI, DOJ, and President Obama screwed General Flynn and started and advanced the Russia hoax for absolutely nothing.

The released phone calls include a Dec. 23, 2016 call between Flynn, Kislyak, and Russian diplomat Aleksandr Pchelyakov, a Dec. 29, 2016 call between Flynn and Kislyak; a Dec. 31, 2016 call between Flynn and Kislyak; a Jan. 12, 2017 call between Flynn and Kislyak; and a Jan. 19, 2017 voicemail from Kislyak to Flynn.

As for the most significant issue about the call, the Obama administration’s Russia sanctions because of election interference they were discussed but not in the way the liberal media described three years ago. Flynn tried to keep things from getting out of hand. Flynn urged the Russians that if they had to reciprocate, do not make it bigger than what the Obama administration did, otherwise it would force a cycle of escalating tit for tat responses. keep reading

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  1. OT they’re attacking the White House now as Joe Biden prepares to accept the apologies and votes of Black people fighting to return to the plantation as the Democrats orchestrate a racial incident to again separate Blacks from Trump and further their planned destruction of the United States…

    …Takes Flynn, covidlies, everything off the front page.

    …very convenient, that…

  2. Lame and weak it may be, but it sufficed to keep us tied up for 3 years and it may have worked in the end except for Ms. Powell.

  3. For the same ‘nothing’ as this flu bullshit and the rioting bullshit.
    It’s a really good ChiComm plan, but they didnt count on Trump.

  4. Robespierre Mueller and his Committee of Public Safety were not appointed to get to the truth. They were there to suppress the truth and overthrow the 2018 election results. In order to accomplish this, they drug General Flynn’s reputation through a gutter of lies and slander. This was an attempted coup and a very near run thing. It must be tough for these Co-conspirators to see that it’s all in the hands of Dementia Joe Obiden Bama to finish their seditious sleigh of hand jobbery.

  5. Barbarian Gonad,
    There is no doubt…

  6. This letter was supposed to stay classified forever, so Gen. Flynn would be disgraced forever.Just the Usurper getting even!

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