They Seem A Little “Pitchy” To Me

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A musical tribute to trees is racking up video views after a group of activists broke into song before the Seattle City Council.

Suzanne Grant approached the microphone during public comment of Wednesday’s Land Use & Neighborhoods Committee meeting. She was flanked by fellow tree rights activists, including one woman dressed in bright green with a leafy headdress. More


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33 Comments on They Seem A Little “Pitchy” To Me

  1. Do not hit that for your own health, especially your EARS.

    “There’s a hooole in myyyy…head.”

    Outer bark, not even heartwood.

  2. SRSLY — tree rights activists? I’ll accept that trees have rights when trees can demonstrate convincingly to me that they have the ability to understand and accept the responsibilities and liabilities of making binding contracts, and especially that they recognize MY rights as well.

  3. ” I’d give that a 50 Dick…impossible to dance to and just not very easy on the ears, but I have made reservations on a boat and plan to invade Scotland using this song as my motivation”….’There’s a hole in my Haggus and it’s bleeding and my hairline is receding….see?…nice beat, and then I’ll break in with my bagpipe solo”…

  4. Tree rights activists. That’s a new one to me.

    Complete Idiots. They give more rights to trees than to unborn humans.

  5. Ok, this has turned into a joke fest.

    I say “Yucca” to this bunch of tree huggers.
    They also have their heads up their Aspens.
    I bet those women’s Boabs are down to their Sumacs.
    I bet the bearded one has hairy Palms.

  6. “Theres a hole in my head where my brain once was, I’m singing like some kind of dummy!” They want to be taking seriously I’m assuming.

  7. Holy cow. Just when you think youve seen the most retarded thing ever … You cant make up stuff like that. The froot loop headgear is a nice touch. Someone please yank that dudes man card now.

  8. That performance really struck the wrong cord. It seemed wooden. Personally, they left me stumped.

    I’ll be here all day, folks. Be sure to tip the site before you leave.

  9. Me also Dr Tar, I’m “stumped”.
    I think her singing is the “root” of the problem.
    At her age she can’t stop dropping her “needles”.
    I fear this movement may “branch” out.
    I wish they would just “leaf” me alone.
    But seriously, I don’t think that song will become “poplar”.

  10. Why are these screeching harpies constantly trying to get others to do their bidding?
    You want it so bad, show some initiative and do it yourself.


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